He was appointed as the acting mayor of Shandong, Rizhao City-tonya mitchell

He was appointed as the acting mayor of Shandong province in September 22nd, held the thirty-third meeting of the Standing Committee of the Rizhao City Provincial People’s Congress on the in the year of the seventeen session of the Standing Committee of the people’s Congress of Shandong province. Jie Shizeng, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress presided over the meeting, deputy director of the office of the secretary general, Liang Yunai, Wang Senxun, and the secretary general, Mr. Zhao Jiucheng, attended the meeting on. The meeting in accordance with the legal procedures, decided to accept the resignation Liu Xingtai Rizhao City mayor’s request for the decision in Qijia as deputy mayor of Rizhao City mayor, deputy Rizhao City. In a solemn constitution after the ceremony, Qi Jiabin said, will cherish the functions entrusted by the party and people, and the municipal government of a group of people to unite together, take the initiative to strengthen the study and research, grasp the development priority, strengthen and maintain unity, and consciously accept the supervision of the national people’s Congress, always adhere to clean general, to promote the city’s economic society better spare no effort to work faster development efforts, the city gave people a satisfactory answer, do not live up to the provincial government’s trust and the people’s expectations. Jie Shizeng on behalf of the Municipal People’s Congress awarded to Qi Jiabin appointment book, and pointed out that the Municipal People’s Congress will be as in the past to support the work of the municipal government, the municipal Party committee under the strong leadership, work together to seek common development, the work of sunshine do better, to speed up the construction of ocean features a new city, to build the well-off society and make new contributions. The meeting also decided to accept the resignation of members of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing committee. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Wang Bin, Municipal Intermediate People’s court Gao Yimin, city procuratorate responsible comrades, municipal government Secretary General Li Chongxi, the Municipal People’s Congress authority responsible comrades, relevant departments of the municipal government responsible comrades attended the meeting. Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Qi Sufen invited to attend the meeting. Qi Jiabin, male, Han nationality, born in September 1967, native of Shandong Ji’nan, postgraduate degree, Ph.D. in management, member of the Communist Party of china. In July 2015, the Qingdao Municipal Committee, the Laoshan party secretary, Party committee, Qingdao City, Laoshan Scenic Area Management Bureau party secretary. September 2016, he served as deputy mayor of the city of Rizhao, nominated for mayor candidate. Source: Sunshine daily相关的主题文章: