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He " Goushi Yun " a controversial Nobel Prize winner, but for the thousands of years! Sohu science and technology, if you are free to write a paper, was later informed that the Nobel prize, what would you do? At this time there will be a lulu said: ah, you should pay attention to the body! Now even in written tweets! First of all, this article is not in lulu in writing. In the last century in Europe, there is such a person, he spent a short time into a paper they no longer control, but a strange combination of circumstances won a Nobel prize! Louis, Victor, "yes, that’s the man who looks like Hong Kong and Taiwan singer, Eason Chan! On the "legend" of the character, today we will be divided into 5 sections to introduce what he called "reverse drama" life. The story takes place in Paris in early twentieth Century. And the hero of the story, of course, is De Broglie! From the point of view of the name, if you come to China, the bridge on the fortune teller will certainly say to him: young man, I see you behind the golden light, ruddy complexion shiny. See at a glance the noble blood! And the truth is, he’s really a nobleman! De Broglie’s father was a count of France, and was a cabinet minister in power. So as a noble life is never others "drink the most intense wine, sleep the hottest girl". He used to live so long, one day suddenly found: life is really boring to the explosion! So, in order to make yourself feel like looking for interesting things to do, he can be broken head. Later, in order to highlight their aristocratic temperament, get rid of the girl in the eyes of the landlord silly son image. He chose a very professional force: "a study of medieval history" in 1919, this year is a sharp turbulence in science. After De Broglie had been forced to learn the history of the middle ages for several years, he finally saw the new dawn". So in order to become the "Heroes", he did not return to the physical, began to study the quantum theory was the most popular in the light of this view is: "particle" proposed by Planck in the early ten years ago, Einstein was then used to explain the photoelectric effect, but even so also, is not compatible with the physics of the major sects. De Broglie was not necessarily physical ideas for this view have more understanding, maybe his understanding is simply an understanding of this point of view is to say: "wave particle" is in short, when young love 13 he entered into a relationship, Mune Shiro sent 10000 under graduate students. From this time on, his next life began to let all the people who engage in scientific eyes fall, and even give up the idea of science! Cause De Broglie spent a lot of time in graduate school, only God knows. But to be sure, he not only graduated from graduate school, but also read the doctor’s.相关的主题文章: