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Have you ever had a love that you can’t help? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: a person to listen to me you are the only drawback is that you don’t love me but never mind the true love should be even if you are not my I also hope you have a happy than before? Have you ever had a love and not a person? Joker sang "I want to touch your hair, just a simple test." You see, we test such a stupid thing, everyone has done. Try to look at each other’s eyes, say you love on your heart, try asking people. The myriad temptations seem to say "I love you"". Who said: "everyone is humble in love." Once you have the love, it will not be an easy thing. What’s more, you don’t love me. Even if you may not understand the thousands on thousands of times, I love you. You do not know the first thing: I saw you at the first glance fell in love with a long time ago to read such a sentence: "the first person like, how to make friends?" With you, I probably is overwhelmed by that, obviously in the heart love but also desperately restraint and you make friends. The first time I saw you, I noticed you, in fact, you are nothing special, but you are all my favorite look, then I know that feeling is in love. We all thought love at first sight is hormones, but most of the time we can phase one of a person. In the "old nine door", Yin Xinyue is the fake "by Zhang Qishan Peng three whip" love at first sight. Though proud as Yin also careful to test a new driver, pretending to inquire about the "Peng three whip" situation. You see, then the proud as long as the first love, will learn to take the initiative to lower profile weakness. I certainly did you speak directly, or really love you own, you estimate only when I neuropathy or too superficial. So after a party I asked tentatively: "you send two girls home, your girlfriend will not scold you?" And you say, "I don’t have a girlfriend." Love is probably the superstition right by a day, at that point in time the place that you appear, everything to happen. Your temptation, his response, the beginning of the heart of the first love of the people who get deeper and deeper, from now on. Learn to keep a low profile? Have you ever had a love? Second things you don’t know: you know before, I thought I had a weakness that is love, the beginning is a friend, that even if love is very difficult to become lovers. A few days ago, you told me you have a girlfriend, I’m on the surface of feigning nonchalance to bless you, but you don’t know is that night I hide in bed crying in a complete mess. It was not until then that I realized that I was crying相关的主题文章: