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Harvest Fund Wang Kai: sports industry and VR in the eve of the outbreak of the Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Xu Wenqing – the last Rio Olympics once again let everyone focus on sports and entertainment industry a huge space for development, also raised funds in the current market value of depression of the active beach layout. The reporter was informed that the harvest entertainment stock type securities investment fund is issued, aspiring fund manager Wang Kai believes that the fund, in China economic growth tends to slow down the "new normal", with the "lipstick effect" of the culture and entertainment industry and sports industry in the early development of the gold for ten years, will usher in a huge development space. The eve of the outbreak of industry Wang Kai believes that a large background in the industry to China L under the trend of economy has become a new growth point, need to meet three conditions: first is consistent with the economic restructuring and development needs; secondly can bring huge environmental pollution; and compared with the developed countries, the industry needs a lot of room for growth. The sports and entertainment industry will undoubtedly meet the above three characteristics. Among them, he is particularly optimistic about sports consumer goods, sports media and VR two fine molecule industry. Sports industry, Wang Kai believes that in October 2014 promulgated the No. 46 gun is the great development of national sports, there are two key points is particularly noteworthy. First, by 2025 the total size of China’s sports industry will be more than 5 trillion yuan, while the current Chinese sports industry output value of $400 billion in the next ten years, there are at least more than ten times the growth of space. At the same time, the sports industry China currently accounts for only about 0.6% of GDP, while the proportion of the United States is close to 3%, the average level of developed countries are around 2.6%, this also means that the reference to the United States and Japan sports industry growth experience, after 10 years of development period, Chinese future will be similar the United States Nike such large cap companies, industry prospects. Second, No. 46 also on top international sporting events broadcast: "make the right to make arrangements according to the market principles of sports broadcasting income distribution mechanism, relax tournament broadcast rights restrictions, in addition to the Olympic Games, Asian Games, world cup and other various domestic and international sports events, each TV station can directly buy or transfer". "In the past year, many of the top domestic enterprises and VC, including Ali, Wanda, Hengda, Sequoia Capital quickly into the sports resources are very scarce, and the incubation period is very long, so the level of market and industrial capital to quickly seize the core of resources." He said. On the entertainment industry, which itself belongs to the counter cyclical industry, in Chinese economic type L has a significant trend in the "lipstick effect"; at the same time China population structure is also changing, with strong consumption capacity of 90 occupy a great part in the consumer groups, also ushered in the opportunity for the development of the industry. Wang Kai believes that VR technology will become the next outbreak of the tuyere, ushered in the real turning point of mass consumption. He predicted that the fourth quarter of this year or next year相关的主题文章: