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Harden 28+7+7 throws quasi lore Nowitzki Rockets win Dallas truce – Sohu sports > > data record survey shot point hot friends Beijing time on October 31, 2016, after a lapse of one day, rocket sits again and won the game for the Mavericks home court. Connaught days to the continued absence of rockets into the first half of 8 record three points, but the final section two has been anxious. Finally, the Rockets with harden last-minute penalty, 93-92 victory over the Dallas home court. The whole score: 34-25, 29-28, 17-17, 13-22 (rocket first) rocket: Harden 28 points and 7 rebounds and 7 assists, Gordon 14 points and 3 rebounds, Ryan – Anderson 14 points and 12 rebounds, 11 points and 2 rebounds. Dallas: Delong 12 points and 3 assists, Mathews 25 points and 5 rebounds and 3 assists, Barea 18 points and 3 rebounds and 5 assists, Harrison – Barnes 10 points and 5 rebounds. The Rockets three minutes of rain impossible to guard against the first section of the game, Williams buzzer hit three points, the first successful calf. Ariza continued on the last hand, hit the top of the arc hit three points. Barnes hit consecutive singles, harden also cause destruction to respond. The top face of Gordon, Williams and back to pretend breakthrough, three from the rocket hit, leading 11-9. After playing for Harden and Nene, wire basket. The last minute, the top three hit conversion harden, Powell immediately responded with a calf. The last 3.7 seconds, harden quickly pass fast under Breuer, the latter three from catch and shoot the buzzer hit. The first section of Harding Park, the Rockets leading 34-25. Harden layup buzzer to stay ahead of the second quarter, Gordon goes inside a 2+1 rocket, leading 12 points. Powell voted in the hands of the successful, but also assists the main force basket. Seeing the Mavericks approaching the score, Gordon once again to the inside of a 2+1, Dekker three from two succeeded, the Rockets leading 43-29. Calf slowly retrieve the hand, in the second half of this section of continuous attack succeeded. The last minute, after Mathews back, the Mavericks will be reduced to 8 points difference. The last attack, harden layup hit the buzzer. Half of Harding Park, the Rockets leading 63-53. Mathews single 10 points of Biao harden, the second half of the game, the Mavericks to strengthen individual defense, harden only his attack, and caused Bogut foul. Mathews hit two consecutive record three points, but also by Delong Biao cover three points, a calf 9-2 score only 3 points behind the tide. Pause back, Mathews back hit, the Mavericks only 1 points behind. Harden stop back hit, also breakthrough foul to stabilize the situation. The Rockets limit hybrid lineup the Mavs offense, harden Akira Mathews Biao again three points, 8 points ahead of the rockets. Harden one of two free throws lore Dallas distal game, Ernest assists Cappella dunk, Justin Anderson hit the bottom three points, Barea three points on the right side of the top of the arc succeeded, the Rockets only 6 points ahead. In retrospect of the development of double open battle, Mathews break caused by foul Nene two free throws, harden layup to keep the difference in conversion. After a scuffle, the top left three fast harden相关的主题文章: