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Harbin Railway Bureau passenger transported a total of about 1 million 350 thousand people newspaper news (reporter Di Jie) 17, the reporter learned from the railway sector, railway transport during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Harbin Railway Bureau Linke 30, total passenger transport about 1 million 350 thousand passengers, an increase of 154 thousand passengers, up 12.8%. During this year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday, was when I was five "Huashan" the most beautiful, for the convenience of tourists to watch the charming "five Huashan" autumn, Harbin Railway Bureau, according to the characteristics of passenger flow, the flow of highly concentrated and go out and return time is close, open to Beijing, Shenyang, Jiagedaqi, Yichun, Arxan etc. the direction of high-speed EMU 9 pairs, normal speed trains 21 pairs, 24 pairs of EMU reconnection, add passenger vehicles 314 times. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the main attractions in Greater Khingan Range, Xingan, focusing on small Ling, Wandashan mountains and other major areas, launched 19 sightseeing bus lines, to meet the demand for passenger travel. Small holiday period, Harbin, Harbin, Qigihar, Mudanjiang, Western Jiamusi and other major stations insist 24 hours ticket, passenger flow peak in the increase of sales ticket window, to extend the booking time, the creation of self sale (take) ticket machine, more convenient for passengers to buy tickets, tickets; set up key passenger service area and green passage release, train, being late, ticket pre-sale and other travel information to passengers through various channels to create convenience for passengers to travel.相关的主题文章: