Hangzhou, an old man cheated 2 million 550 thousand swindlers booked his ticket and Hotel candle june

Hangzhou, an old man cheated 2 million 550 thousand swindlers booked his ticket and hotel in August 24th, Mr. Chen, a 67 year old (a pseudonym) received a phone call in Shandong, Yantai. The other claiming to be mobile customer service, said Mr. Chen’s phone card has a fixed telephone fixed exception, Shanghai police are conducting verification investigation. Loading… Mr. Chen panicked, nonstop back to Hangzhou, and in the end, Mr. Chen will cheat 2 million 550 thousand savings in all turn out. In September 27th, one of the suspects in the case by the Xiaoshan police escorted back from Guangzhou xiao. In October 1st, it is celebrating the National Day holiday, the Xiaoshan police received the alarm, the other two suspects have been Guangzhou and Shanghai police control, then the police Bingfenlianglu rushed to Guangzhou and Shanghai, the night of the two suspects escorted back to Xiaoshan. The old-fashioned telecommunications fraud, so he panicked Mr. Chen, 67 years old, a native of Shandong, south of early development, after retiring from Shandong and Zhejiang, to enjoy retirement at the same time, do a little business. In August 24th, Mr. Chen received a phone call in Shandong, Yantai. The other claimed that China Mobile’s customer service, said Mr. Chen’s phone number tied to a fixed phone presence in Shanghai account abnormalities, has been verified by the Shanghai police investigation. Here, you may already know, this is not a recent "hot" fake "public security" of telecommunications fraud! Soon, "Shanghai police" will give Mr. Chen to the phone, he told the alleged fraud, and gave him one of the suspects accused him of selling a bank bank card, and profit on the yuan. Chen did not believe at first, can not stand the other side of a flicker, immediately panic god. After a hefty liar give him booked the tickets and hotels scammers do what? First, he said, can help prove Mr. Chen’s innocence, and as an excuse to ask Mr. Chen’s bank card account number and identity card number. When the bank card is not around, the liar actually booked for him to return to Hangzhou, the ticket and stay in Xiaoshan hotel. That evening, Mr. Chen hurried back to Hangzhou, and in the crooks have already booked the hotel, the heart of the panic let him sleep at night. The second day early in the morning, "Shanghai police" will call for Mr. Chen to go home and go to the bank card, online banking, but not to inform others. Because there is no home to carry the key, the other side also let Mr. Chen contact unlock company to unlock. All completed, back to the hotel Mr. Chen doubts even more, but this time. In a word, Mr Chen’s psychological defense completely destroyed. From yesterday, such a long time, from you to book air tickets to the hotel later, you have been in our monitoring below, only our public security organs have so much power to monitor a person." The computer is remotely controlled, 2 million 550 thousand savings were transferred during the liar in order to make Mr. Chen completely believe that the network also sent a web site, Mr. Chen went in to see, it is his own wanted". Do not doubt his Mr. Chen, immediately in accordance with the requirements of the other party, the other over the newspaper Web site at the input of the hotel’s computer, then press the Enter key, the computer has become a black screen, liar.相关的主题文章: