Half of Henan city to the national day wasted in Zhengzhou next week for cooling and rainfall sopor aeternus

Half of Henan city to the national day wasted in Zhengzhou next week and will change the cooling rains! Next you have to go through a week of rain cooling baptism. The day after tomorrow in Zhengzhou: a week of rain + cooling. 20 DEG C, 19 C, 17 C, 13 C. From Tuesday to. 13 degrees winter rhythm ah! In some parts of our province there are moderate to heavy rain this weekend, some areas of our province have rain this afternoon to night, the province sunny to cloudy. It will be cloudy in the day, southwest and south. Tomorrow afternoon to night, Nanyang, Dengzhou and Xinyang, Zhumadian and the western region of Sanmenxia, Luoyang, the southern region of two cloudy cloudy rain; other areas cloudy to cloudy. Tomorrow afternoon, the north central part of the region with mild haze. 25 to 26 days, the province cloudy with light to moderate rain, the southern part of the region with heavy rain. 25 onwards, the province of some areas have moderate to heavy rain next week, the impact of cold air in our province is more frequent, and the cold air forces have increased since Wednesday the province’s highest temperature showed a downward trend. Zhou Pingjun temperature: the western mountains, North 17 degrees C to 18 degrees C, other regions of 19 degrees C ~ 21 C. Week extreme maximum temperature: the province 29 degrees C ~ 31 C. There will be a small to moderate rain weather process on September 25-27 in our province, south of the Yellow River, some areas have moderate to heavy rain. This round of rainfall mainly concentrated in the afternoon of 25 to 26 days of night time, the total precipitation is 5 to 15 mm, the south of the Yellow River is 15 to 30 mm, 30 mm to 50 mm, the maximum daily rainfall in the south of the Yellow River from 20 to 30 mm, maximum rainfall intensity of 10 mm ~ 20 hours. 25 day, most of the south of the Yellow River have light rain. Monday (26 days), the province cloudy, most areas have a small to moderate rain weather process, the the Yellow River south of moderate to heavy rain in some areas. Tuesday to Wednesday (27 to 28), affected by the typhoon cloud, southeastern and southern cloudy with light rain, locally moderate; among other areas cloudy. Among them, 27, in the west, northwest, the other regions of the province cloudy or light rain. 28-29 day, the southeastern part of the rain or sporadic light rain. Friday (30 may), affected by cold air south of North China, the province has 4 to 5 of the northeast wind, the temperature dropped significantly. This precipitation process can to some extent alleviate the current drought in East, South and southwest, the area above the subsequent planting winter wheat will be very favorable; autumn crops have been mature but not harvest area in 25 days before the time of harvest, when should pay close attention to the weather forecast, to avoid the precipitation period. Because the yield and quality of grain mildew; completed harvest area, should seize the land, and pay attention to moisture and drought, base fertilizer to winter wheat sowing in advance, to ensure the proper sowing time. Eleven the weather is good holiday in Zhengzhou Zhengzhou in September 30th -10 month 7 days the weather here but here, these eleven Henan city…… Pro eleven trip to the place to remember to take an umbrella ah ~10 month 1 days, 2 days of Xinyang rain, Overcast Rain in September 30th October 1st, 2, Zhumadian rain, Overcast Rain in October 1st in Nanyang Luohe Zhoukou Pingdingshan rain rain.相关的主题文章: