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Hainan halted three hospital outpatient infusion, ready? Transfusion room, bottle everywhere. Reporter Yuan Chen photo September, Hainan was first proposed: To explore the reform of public hospitals in 3 cities (Haikou, Sanya, Danzhou) gradually stop outpatient infusion (except emergency, outpatient department of Pediatrics)…… Catch a cold? Infusion! Have a fever? Infusion! The waist aches? Infusion…… In recent years, people to the hospital will be found, no matter what disease are not the infusion treatment, whether large hospitals or small clinics are lined with bottle. Can not take medicine injections, injections can not infusion, is the basic medical knowledge, but also the principles of medication WHO. However, in many hospitals in the country, often become the infusion of the most simple and quick way to choose the best treatment and treatment. In recent years, with the increase of antibiotic awareness, attitudes to infusion become contradictory and complex, not only resist and dependence, may know excessive treatment, "fast" could not help to the doctor to transfusion. When Hainan began to explore gradually stop some of the city’s three public hospital outpatient infusion, many people have given the where I should go infusion question. Stop outpatient infusion seems simple, can be difficult, and the specific implementation of the program is also in development. Strengthen the basic level of medical care at the same time, how to guide the patient out of the many years of depression on the infusion is also particularly critical. The 2.5-3.3 bottles per year, you too much? With the weather changing, the outpatient infusion hall is almost full for a long time, there has been a problem of antibiotic abuse in our country. According to statistics, China’s average per person per year is 8 infusion bottles, much higher than the international level of per capita 2.5-3.3 bottles, the annual volume of more than 10 billion infusion bottles, medicine and drugs in outpatient infusion with 70% antibiotics. "What? 3.3 bottles for 1 years? I light of herpes zoster in the infusion of this community hospital lost 1 weeks, 1 days a total of two bottles, you calculate how many bottles?" Reporter visited Haikou, from a community health service station, Yin aunt can not help out is an intravenous drip arm, told reporters complained. Child fever infusion, a bottle of more than two or three. We don’t want to give the child to use antibiotics, but the child sick sick, parents also followed by the drag, afraid to delay the child’s condition, sometimes burn two or three days take medicine not good, can not help but to the infusion." Haikou citizens ms.. The reporter visited the Haikou city hospital outpatient service hall, found the bottle everywhere. "As long as the weather changes, we’re almost all over here. Sometimes there is no place to sit, parents want to hold the child holding the infusion bottle infusion." Longhua Haikou Road, a third hospital pediatric infusion area, a nurse told reporters. It is understood that the number of hospitals in Haikou City, the number of outpatient transfusion in 200 to about 300 people, the weather will be more when the peak change. It is understood that, in accordance with national requirements, Hainan in 2011 began to control the use of antibiotics in public hospitals, and more than two annual medical institutions to carry out special rectification. After the renovation相关的主题文章: