Guo Degang responded to Cao Yunjin long self rating mind alive today – the Sohu news

Guo Degang responded to Cao Yunjin long self rating: mind do not live to see today – the Sohu news Guo Degang day teachers’ day in Beijing to publicize the new program, claiming to harvest many disciples greeting he responded to Cao Yunjin’s article said, "don’t take a composition" in the heart, also said to watch the people can wait. Guo Degang teamed up to create a video website "to the" king of the pit, the teachers’ day in Beijing. During the interview, asked the disciples received no greeting, he gave a satisfied look, "a lot of (greeting), this year, the kids also have to rigidly adhere to the teachers’ day, the day the year before and after the foot, they continued blessing, some through the circle of friends, some through WeChat, some through micro-blog". He and Cao Yunjin and disputes is also a topic. For this "crusade" his 6000 word text, Guo Degang said in response to the slow slow language, said this a few days to participate in the activities of all kinds, tired like Grandpa, tell the truth. Really a lot of things." Guo Degang think, Cao Yunjin issued a thing in the outside world seems "very big", but he "doesn’t mind", "self rating mind alive today". He also joked, "a composition can change your outlook on life, I want to get you a story, you can not take off ah". But Guo Degang said, the rest two days does not mean that the future is not to say, "I this person is the biggest, OCD, wanted to do something no one could stop; two is getting old, a bit naughty, sometimes want to play old enough to say, so you pretty busy wait a, I busy this time".相关的主题文章: