Guo Chuan sailing in the waters of the United States lost contact with Hawaii sailing has been found darren hayes

Guo Chuan navigation in Hawaii waters lost sailing has been found – Sohu news Xinhua Beijing October 26th sports news (reporter Ma Bangjie) Guo Chuan shore sailing team of 26 came to the sad news: is the single sailing across the Pacific waters near the China occupation sailing athlete Guo Chuan sailed to Hawaii, at 25 PM Beijing time three after the team lost contact with the shore. Near the trimaran sailing waters of Hawaii, Honolulu (Honolulu) local maritime rescue agencies sent search and rescue aircraft, found a sailboat, but no one on board. Second search and rescue aircraft has go to Smolensk area, expand the scope of search and rescue. The US Navy has sent two ships to confirm the rush to the rescue, search and rescue personnel on board will check the trimaran. Data figure, October 17th, China Consulate General in San Francisco, local officials such as student representatives Guo Chuan (left) 150040. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Dan Guo Chuan sailing in Beijing on October 19th at 5:24 and 11 seconds from San Francisco to Golden Gate Bridge, Shanghai Jinshan as the destination, a non-stop trans Pacific Voyage record. Data figure, October 18th, in the Gulf of San Francisco, Guo Chuan on his trimaran. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yong photo Beijing time on October 25th at about 15, Guo Sichuan and shore team and friends by satellite telephone contact, was informed about sailing, sailing smoothly is estimated to be reported, in November 5, 6 days of arrival in Shanghai. Data figure, in October 18th, Guo Chuan driving trimaran sailing in the Gulf of San Francisco. Xinhua News Agency reporters Xu Yong and she calls shortly after the end of the shore team observed the sailing speed of emergence in Hawaii waters, so try to contact Guo Chuan, but Guo Sichuan on satellite telephone and Internet communications are no response. Due to the need to save the data flow of the maritime satellite telephone, he usually close the satellite phone when you do not need to contact the shore team. The sailing located about 900 kilometers west of Hawaii waters, the ship borne satellite global positioning system (GPS) navigation tracking support is the only confirmed sailing continues to navigation information sources. Since then, Guo Chuan continued to lose contact. Beijing time 26 days morning 7 when, in the coordination of Chuanan Guo team, to assist the Consul General of China Embassy in Losangeles and the international maritime rescue center Beijing branch, near the trimaran sails off the coast of Hawaii Honolulu (Honolulu) local maritime rescue agencies dispatched search and rescue aircraft, the site of the incident. After more than 5 hours, Guo Chuanan team received the Beijing International Maritime Rescue Coordination Center News: fixed wing search and rescue aircraft sent us after four hours of flight has arrived in the waters where the sailing boat found the spinnaker, drowning, no one on deck, radio call no answer, the plane circled one hour after the fuel consumption limit return. Subsequently, the Kawa team to get feedback from the Consulate General in Losangeles consulate, contact search and rescue agencies in Honolulu, highlighted the need for the search and rescue work concerns, continue to search for work and increase the range of requirements. In the first search and rescue aircraft return voyage, a search and rescue aircraft has taken off the rescue flight. In addition, the United States Navy confirmed that two ships have been sent to trimaran.相关的主题文章: