Gulf bay start SUV special oil multi evaluation project splitit

The bay of GULF start SUV special oil multi evaluation project in July 22, 2016, the first SUV GULF Gulf oil special oil – "kaitu powered version" officially released, brought a new engine lubrication for the current domestic popular SUV model solutions. "Kay road" as a special lubricant for SUV, is the "Cardiotonic" heart power enhancer transliteration, on behalf of the engine oil can effectively provide a source of power for SUV models. August summer, the engine maintenance is a big challenge, but it is also a new Kay road power version of the excellent experience to prove its excellent opportunity. The conference just over a week, GULF soon to start a "new SUV special oil G triumph way limit evaluation project; and all kinds of off-road clubs, driving organizations to open multi evaluation activities blossom everywhere in the country’s major extreme route! For example, GULF Gulf oil sponsored "target Auto Club" 100 vehicles, more than and 240 people in a day from Beijing to Yingkou driving; or sponsorship from the Yantai SUV car team, thousands of miles from Yantai, Binhai, the road, through many hardships, arrived in Xinjiang in Urumqi and so on. Each car team with experience to verify the "momentum kaitu power" version of the surging experience against the mountain, Gobi, plateau and other complex road conditions, without fear of rain, wind, sun and other inclement weather! It is worth mentioning that, in addition to subjective feelings professional driver’s participation "G limit assessment" of the vehicle, after more than 10 thousand kilometers of continuous driving, will go directly to the GULF Gulf oil special cooperation laboratory, oil extraction and physicochemical analysis, detailed report, these results will also be published in the future. And then, the multi evaluation GULF new SUV special oil is still like a raging fire, and the orange disc LOGO GULF will appear in each one on both sides of the Changjiang River triumph on the way! About Kay road power version of SUV special engine oil GULF Bay powered version of the pass through the professional dynamic testing, dynamic performance is more excellent. Kaitu using a dynamic enhanced medium, relying on the high quality base oil to help the oil temperature remain stable, reduce the engine moving parts wear using special friction modifier, low wear rate to 39.5%, much lower than the industry standard 65%, can solve traffic congestion caused by the injury. The ability to control by low ash and strong soot, can inhibit the increase of viscosity reducing oil blocking phenomenon, using pure dispersion factor, can effectively reduce the carbon deposition and sludge sludge, a performance evaluation of 22% more, and 10% better piston ring bond score is three times more than the industry standard, so the car can ease travel in the haze days. Gulf Gulf proved: tough, uninhibited, kaitu whims "dynamic version of" born to challenge and far away, not struggling at the moment!相关的主题文章: