Guizhou 92 people for livelihood issues are not as the implementation of accountability kimi wo omou melodi

Guizhou 92 people for livelihood issues are not as the implementation of accountability original title: Guizhou implementation of the people’s livelihood rectification measures 92 people were accountable on 2 February, Xinhua news agency, Guiyang (reporter Hu Xing) Guizhou province to city (state) in social security, housing security, health care and other livelihood areas are not implemented, not as a problem in 92, the persons responsible for accountability, problems are related to the implementation of corrective measures. The reporter learned from the Guizhou Provincial Department of supervision, the State Council on 2015 organized by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council decision to promote the implementation of the second large inspection deployment, found and pointed out that the Guizhou city of Guiyang Province, Zunyi City, Anshun City, Tongren City, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou, 7 cities and prefectures in the people’s livelihood there the problem is not implemented, not as. The main issues include affordable housing can not be timely completion and acceptance, 1 problems in distribution, involving 30855 units of affordable housing; failing to issue use the use of special funds 36; according to the problems in use of corporate bond funds 3 provisions; budget arrangements for the repayment of the security housing false housing project loan interest fund balances, taking special funds and the purchase of agricultural subsidies to finance the illegal approval time extended, defrauding Medicare funds of the 1. The Guizhou provincial Party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to accountability and require careful implementation of the rectification process. As of 2, the Guizhou provincial government has instructed the relevant regions and departments in accordance with the law and discipline of accountability responsibility for 92 people, including 2 department level cadres, cadres at county level 27, township level cadres and below 38, the person in charge of the enterprise and the staff of 25 people. Among them, 59 people given party discipline, dismissal, dismissal and give admonishing conversation, criticism and education for 33 people. Among them, Guiyang city for affordable housing can not be timely completion and acceptance, occupancy distribution problems, establish "day, week, month summary of scheduling work mechanism, ensure that before June 30th this year, affordable housing to completion and acceptance and distribution of occupancy conditions. (Editor) editor in chief: Ni Zijian

贵州92人因民生问题不落实不作为被问责   原标题:贵州落实民生领域整改措施 92人被问责   新华社贵阳2月2日电(记者胡星)贵州省针对一些市(州)在社会保障、住房保障、医疗卫生等民生领域不落实、不作为问题,对92名责任人进行了问责,相关问题均已落实整改措施。   记者从贵州省监察厅了解到,2015年国务院组织开展的推动党中央、国务院决策部署贯彻落实第二次大督查,发现和指出了贵州省贵阳市、遵义市、安顺市、铜仁市、黔东南州、黔南州、黔西南州等7个市、州在民生领域存在的不落实、不作为等问题。   主要问题包括保障性住房不能按时竣工验收、分配入住问题1项,涉及保障性住房30855套;未按规定用途使用专项资金问题36项;未按规定用途使用企业债券资金问题3项;预算安排偿还保障性住房项目贷款本息资金结存、虚报套取专项资金、农机购置补贴拨付审批时间违规超期、骗取医保基金等问题各1 项。   贵州省委、省政府高度重视问责工作,要求认真逐项抓好整改落实。截至2日,贵州省政府已责成有关地区和部门依法依纪对92名责任人进行了问责,包括厅级干部2人、县处级干部27人、乡科级及以下干部38人、企业负责人及工作人员25人。其中,给予党政纪处分59人,给予免职、解聘和诫勉谈话、批 评教育等处理33人。其中,贵阳市针对保障性住房不能按时竣工验收、分配入住问题,建立“日调度、周分析、月汇总”工作机制,确保今年6月30日前保障性 住房达到竣工验收及分配入住条件。(完) 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: