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Guangzhou Bandung: three vision reveal new characteristics of the main action afternoon or greater – Sohu securities through Red soldiers rose after Thursday, the market upside to 2900 points was blocked, sector stocks have a certain degree of differentiation trend. But, in the stock index up blocked stock differentiation, after it has emerged from the three visions, which to some extent implies that the new characteristics of the current market, investors should follow the trend of the mainstream funds, a good grasp of the market moving round rhythm. The first big vision is a strong stock company, the stock trend is strong, weak are weak. Good track, Thursday drop top stocks, is basically the early gains in weakening stock, the gainers once again focused on the annual increase + gaosongzhuan theme stocks. If intends to send 10 20 high information participates, the stock’s recent strong eruption of the 5 connecting plates 60%, completely detonated gaosongzhuan theme stocks broke out, such as the pilot smart, Prudential shares soared again strong, before leading finance development is continuous surge to a record high, short-term stock price soared to 200%. Fully explain the annual report of high send low class stocks most welcome by the funds, short-term explosive force, we should follow the mainstream funds bold layout. Secondly, power led the vanguard gem refers to rebound after two days, the trend was weaker than the market, the market today under the red index has been difficult to turn red. This vision indicates that the short-term profit taking hunters is huge, the flight to suppress the sector stocks broad rebound, market outlook further differentiation is inevitable, difficult for investors to make money will increase accordingly. Finally, according to the statistics of China in January RMB loans increased by 2 trillion and 510 billion yuan, an increase of 1 trillion and 40 billion yuan, a record high; the scale of social financing increment is 3 trillion and 420 billion yuan, are higher than the market expected. Market liquidity is abundant, the amount of two cities in the early morning also continued to enlarge, this phenomenon indicates that the market correction does not change the main tone, afternoon main or have greater action. Therefore, in the stock index, the stock volume can be full HENGQIANG, our current index adjustment should not be too worried, but should be bold to participate in the market to. With favorable policies, and increase the performance of the main active stocks bold layout, the loss of the January stock market crash as soon as possible in order to save, as well the following four main strands of interaction potential. 1, the reform of state-owned assets + oversold, these stocks are often implied favorable policies, such as shenshenbao A, infinova first 6 consecutive daily limit type V inversion; 2, is to increase performance and high transfer stocks, this is the year before and after the Spring Festival will be the subject of speculation this week, such as Yuguang Gold & lead retaliatory rebound; 3, is the main force + deeply involved in mergers and acquisitions, such as the perfect universal regardless of the weak market record high frequency; 4, is the second new capital + active operation, these stocks are often more likely to be pulled up a small disc, the use of funds, such as Wanli Stone retaliatory rebound. Source China Securities Network

广州万隆:三大异象揭示新特性 午后主力动作或更大-搜狐证券   在经过红三兵上涨后,周四大盘上攻到2900点处明显受阻,板块个股也出现了一定程度分化走势。而在股指上冲受阻、个股分化下,盘中却浮现出了三大异象,这一定程度上暗示了当前行情新的特性,投资者须跟随主流资金动向,把握好市场的轮动节奏。  第一大异象则是个股强 相关公司股票走势 者恒强弱者皆弱。好股道显示,周四跌幅居前个股,基本是前期涨势趋弱股票,而涨幅居前的再次集中在了年报大增+高送转类题材股上。如豫光金铅拟10送20高送配,该股近期便强势5连板喷发60%以上,彻底引爆了高送转类题材股爆发,如先导智能、宝德股份再次强势暴涨,前龙头财信发展亦连续暴涨创历史新高,股价短期暴涨达200%等。充分说明年报高送转类低价股最受资金欢迎,短线爆发力十足,我们应跟对主流资金大胆布局。  其次,本领领涨先锋创业板指连续反弹后,近两日走势明显弱于大盘,今日大盘红盘下该指数一直难于翻红。这一异象出现预示着短线抄底的获利盘巨大,其出逃压制了板块个股的普涨反弹,市场后市进一步分化不可避免,投资者赚钱难度也会相应增加。  最后,据统计1月份我国人民币贷款增加2.51万亿元,同比多增1.04万亿元,创历史新高;社会融资规模增量为3.42万亿元,均高于市场预期。市场流动性充沛,早盘两市量能也持续放大,此现象预示着大盘回调不改上涨主基调,午后主力或有更大动作。  因此,在股指量能充沛、个股强者恒强下,我们对当前指数的调整不应过分担心,而应大胆参与到行情中来。对具有政策利好、业绩大增与主力积极运作类个股进行大胆布局,才能尽快挽回1月股灾时损失,如好股互动以下四大潜力主线品种。  1、是国资改革+超跌,此类股往往暗含政策利好,如深深宝A、英飞拓连续6涨停率先V型反转;2、是业绩大增+高送转个股,这是每年春节前后必炒的题材,如豫光金铅本周报复性反弹;3、是主力深度介入+并购重组,如完美环球完全不顾大盘弱势频创新高;4、是次新股+资金积极运作,此类股往往盘小更容易被拉升,其动用资金不大,如万里石报复性反弹。来源中国证券网)相关的主题文章: