Guangyuan field to explore the length of the ancient Shu Road sickle GPS battle (Figure) (video)-chompoo araya

Guangyuan field detection of ancient Shu Road Length sickle open GPS (map) battle of Jiange County Office staff survey of ancient shu. How long is the road? For many experts and scholars, this may be a problem. However, some local records clearly documented the area of Sichuan Road length. According to Li Rong of the Qing Dynasty compiled "sword state annals" records, Jiange County in the north and West Sichuan a total of 190 Li long. The Sichuan length is how to measure it? Is it consistent with today’s standards? As long as the historical records? From September 19th onwards, Jiange County Cultural Bingfenlianglu, picked up the tape, GPS tape, into the jungle, to accurately measure the length of the ancient shu. The sickle open GPS battle blazing amount Sichuan on September 22nd at 11:24 in the morning, the town of Jianmen Pass in Jiange. 60 year old Pu long led the people through the national highway 108, drilling into a mile in the bay of five, into the authentic ancient Shu road. Fu Yubin pulled out to the toilet water, per person spray to prevent wild mosquito bites. The 27 year old Xue Yuhui again counted the equipment: a smart mobile phone, tape, sickle. Intelligent mobile phone and tape is used to measure the length of the sickle is used to open!" Fu Yubin said that his mission includes measuring Shu (Jin Niudao) accurate length in the territory of Jiange, to see the ancient Shu damage, look at the way along cooper. A tape with GPS why? Fu Yubin said, had never been to Sichuan precise measurement, for the pursuit of accuracy, with the traditional tape measurement, plus GPS measurement by means of modern, so that the two data is compared. At the same time, some of the 108 road into the Sichuan Road, can drive the way to use GPS to easily access data. The measurement, marking all kinds of objects, can be the sickle, can also be greatly leaf or a piece of stone. Jiange Sichuan historical records a total of 190 from 19 onwards, Jiange County, the Northern Line began to diverge, and the length measuring Taurus road section of Jiange sichuan. The two road, north to Qi Chow (now Pu town) as a starting point, via chaoshou shop (now chaoshou township) – Hanyuan (micro-blog) shop (now Hanyang town) – Jianmen station (now Jianmen Pass town) – Gao Miao Pu (now Jiange county and Guangyuan (micro-blog) is Zhaohua District Gaomiao Village); West, in the city state (now Pu town) as a starting point, via Liangshan (micro-blog) shop (now cool Shan) – Liuchi Mizoeki (now Zhen Liu) – Hang Quan Pu (now Chui Quan Xiang) – Wu Lianyi (now Wu torrential) – Pu Yanwu (now Jiange Zitong County Yan Wu and Wu Lian Zhen the town of intersection). This road how long? Many people say that is not clear. Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter interviewed in Jiange, different researchers have given different answers. To the north line, for example, it was said 80 km, it was said to be 87 km, and some people say that it is 70 km. The Qing Dynasty compiled by Li Rong, "sword Chi" records, "northeast from the junction of the ninety city Gao Miao Pu" and "Siva in Zhaohua Zi Wu from the city in Zitong border", the two section of the Jiange county territory plus, North and West Road 190 in two. Jiange County, said deputy director Wang Shaoqiang, the length of units have different standards in ancient times, the Taurus road in Jiange county is the first when the length of data statistics is not urgent相关的主题文章: