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Guangxi Beihai people farewell Fire Hero Luo Spring Story – Beijing moved to the city of Beihai in October 25, Beijing (Zhai Liqiang) in October 25th in Guangxi, Beihai City funeral home, when the funeral music sounded, people holding white chrysanthemum, with tears, to the left for Fire Hero Luo Chunwei martyrs three bow, and a hero for the last farewell. The same day, Guangxi Beihai electric power construction border police station director Luo Chunwei’s memorial service in Beihai City funeral home, overseas port and hometown of Weizhou Island at the same time, a large number of people to pay, the expression of grief. In October 20th, typhoon "Sally Scarlett" just across the Beihai, suddenly caught fire in Beihai city Qiaogang town power construction border dock shelter for a fishing boat, in order to avoid the fire disaster in more than and 500 fishing boats and 5000 fishermen, Luo Chunwei jumped into the sea trying to fire regardless of personal danger, fixed fishing boats are from heaven, farewell. Luo Chunwei killed the information that people have expressed their condolences on the Internet, there are a lot of people spontaneously to the wharf to mourn, many fishing boats in the dock for his whistle moored off, and in the streets of Beihai are everywhere mourn Luo Chunwei’s elegiac couplet. In recent days, Luo Chunwei’s deeds moved the whole city. People mourn Luo Chunwei. Photo by Zhai Liqiang 25 day memorial service, a lot of people, soldiers and local people from all walks of life to pay. There are young children, there is a group of old Confucian Luo Chunwei had helped in the work, the longest is more than and 80 years old, they want to send his last journey, to express grief. The ceremony, funeral music, white chrysanthemum, heavy atmosphere is difficult to endure tears, many Luo spring lifetime comrade and people cry. Luo Chunwei’s 9 year old daughter Luo Luo Yeshou beside her father’s coffin. Luo Chunwei, Party Secretary of Guangxi Public Security Frontier Corps, said that at the expense of her 9 year old daughter, she lost a good father, and so on, at the expense of the president of the. It is reported that the Ministry of public security and Political Department has recognized Luo Chunwei as a martyr. (end)相关的主题文章: