Guangxi Beihai a sulfuric acid tank rollover Leakage Emergency Disposal – Beijing 7470d

Guangxi Beihai a sulfuric acid tank rollover Leakage Emergency Disposal – Beijing, Beijing, Beihai, September 18, (Zhai Liqiang Lv Shuaixi Fan Huibao) Guangxi Beihai, a bus carrying more than and 20 tons of sulfuric acid (concentration 91%) tank rollover leakage leakage, covering an area of about 3000 square meters. After the accident, the relevant departments of the local emergency management, has been basically completed. Scene of accident. Photo by Lv Shuaixi according to participate in the rescue of the fire brigade in September 17th, about 16:30, accident tankers traveling to Kunming road and Beihai Road, North Bay interchange, is a small truck rear end, causing the tank rollover tank rupture, 20 tons of sulfuric acid leak. Fire officers and soldiers at the scene to dispose of sand. Lv Shuaixi after the accident, the local Party committee, the government requires careful and safe disposal, to prevent secondary accidents, as soon as possible to restore traffic, to ensure safety, disposal as soon as possible. Emergency office, public security, fire protection, environmental protection, safety supervision and other emergency disposal. Neutralization of sulfuric acid by lime. It is reported by Lv Shuaixi, the day of the incident, the Beihai municipal emergency office of the mobilization of sand cofferdam leakage vehicles, site on site, to hoist the righting of tank rollover, residual sulfuric acid and mobilized more than 300 pack lime powder of the cofferdam and pavement leakage of neutralization treatment. Scene of accident. Lv Shuaixi, 18 am, the incident near the road is still in a state of control, a number of junctions were closed. It is understood that the basic disposal of the accident is completed, the follow-up work is still in progress.相关的主题文章: