Green do not want to break the 73 win record of God have the opportunity to fight-autobots

Green: I don’t want to break the record 73 wins: God soup should strive for soup of God and Green sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 27th have the opportunity, according to media reports, last season, Jinzhou warriors scored 73 wins in the regular season, and create a new record of NBA. Perhaps a lot of people will think: the introduction of the Kevin – Durant warriors can be in the new season regular season to create a new record? On this issue, the warriors de Raymond – Green and Craig – Thompson had differences of opinion. After the defeat in the finals, Green said that the pain he can never forget. So, he said that the goal of the new season is to win the championship, rather than breaking last year by the warriors to create the 73 regular season record. "To be honest with you, I don’t want us to win 74 or 75 games in the regular season. It’s so heartless." Green said. As for the outside world mentioned 82 wins and 0 losses, Green denied: "I think it is physically impossible." Green sounds to break the record 73 wins and no interest, but his warriors teammate and Olympic teammate Thompson Crespo have different opinions. Asked if he would like to go beyond 73 wins, he said: "if there is an opportunity at the end of the season, we should probably win as many games as possible." This summer, changed little warriors lineup, due to the introduction of Durant, they had to drain two starters — boggarts and Barnes. In this regard, Green said: if you can not progress, then you will regress. I’m not sure how good the new season will be if we keep up with the old team." Tang believes that Durant’s joining let us become more powerful, and it is difficult to imagine." (Rosen)相关的主题文章: