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Marketing-Direct Wordtracker and Overture along side AdWord Accelerator are familiar tools for PPC managers. They are useful for sifting out the keyword and bid price competition and help highlight the best performing ads. However you might benefit from using others that have uncommon features that make them desirable tools. They are Adword Analyzer ( and Keywords Analyzer ( When you need a screwdriver and you head to your toolbox chances are that you will have both a Philips and a slotted screwdriver. You have uses for both, so you keep both to use as needed. It is the same story for keyword tools. They all have their uses, and having more of them is like owning a complete set of tools. Don’t stop discovery there. The initial string of keywords you get, long or not, is not complete. At one point AltaVista said that a whopping 20 percent of its total searches were completely unique. There is no knowing what a person will search for, but to help get a little better idea what they might be looking for here are some ideas: Keep your keyword list filled with synonyms and similar subjects so you know you will be able to let people know that you have what they want. You can try bidding on brand names, though you’ll have to work through the copyright issues yourself. Google has had a score of its own legal headaches as a result of allowing AdWords users to bid on trademarked names. Nevertheless, names of companies, magazines, associations, famous people, and famous places may all relate to your product. For example, for "billiards" you might bid on the name of famous pool player Jeremy Jones. For drums you might bid on "Buddy Rich." Misspellings are a big opportunity, because so many advertisers don’t bid on them, and the clickthrough rate is often higher. For a Lord of the Rings promotion, "Tolkein" (misspelled) got twice the CTR of "Tolkien" (spelled correctly). An impressive website that is handy for pay-per-click advertisers is In essence it is a massive thesaurus that utilizes the internet to compile synonyms and relevant concepts into a comprehensive list. What an entertaining site to fiddle with! Just bidding on the conventional word not on variations you will miss out. Utilizing "expanded phrase matching" feature Google offers can help, but it is better to use the exact words people type in and it will almost always cost you less. Example: WalMart, Wal-Mart, Wal Mart. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: