Graduation season, every face must interview makeup, you get –

The graduation season, every face will have an interview makeup you get? Sohu told the girls a terrible thing, after the dream life of the Spring Festival will come to an end, oh ~ can not sad not impatient, anyway, 4 dogs also don’t want to work without landing next year was asked to pay when three kinds of nuns rendered speechless, now we should strive to find a job in. The yen value greater than the world, HR is also the first to see Yan values talk don’t worry, intimate beauty sauce already expected to this day, as the girls ready to face every interview makeup, please kindly accept girls ~ makeup as a first, we can see that when the makeup of the is not so full of spirit, and the childish, and makeup after mature and beautiful, to make HR a feel, ability must use their own foundation or Bang Bang Da BB backing, the interview must be thin and makeup Clear, makeup powder makeup if the skin condition is not too good to be done in advance with the mask slightly transparent color, makeup effect lasting not yet thawed interview makeup thrush, eyebrows not too thick too straight, natural bent, color can not be too deep, otherwise it will look sharp feel nose is not pretty. Can sweep the nose, but do not overexert Oh, otherwise the naked eye will be very strange shadow with the earth color and the pale pink overlay, not only embodies the graduates of the lively and not too. The position of silkworm with pearl brown paint lying silkworm, than ordinary silver white makeup natural, because the interview is to avoid exaggeration in brown eyeliner eyeliner, thin is good, a little bit to gently pull out the tail slightly eyelashes clip Alice, very fine brush mascara. The interview will have more eye contact, natural eye makeup can add a sense of confidence, also make the eyes look more God don’t choose rich aunt interview lip color or light red, orange or pink is appropriate. In the conversation, most of the time during the interview, the interviewer’s mouth so easily noticed, so if the mouth is peeling or lip wrinkles more to deal with the interviewer in advance of the hair do not cover the face too much, can appear more spirit, so if not Liu Qi, to expose the forehead, slightly sweep shadow, so that the forehead is more beautiful ~ new workplace makeup must be in place, whether it is an interview or practice, too gaudy makeup or too sloppy will leave a bad impression, this natural, good color makeup can be applied to almost all of the surface finish and not complete makeup, beauty sauce actually want to say, in addition to the content of the interview and good Meimei makeup, the most important thing is to have sufficient self-confidence, self-confidence greatly, you are the queen! Hiahiahia~ focus on the beauty of the micro signal (meilapp), the Fed is king!

毕业季,逢面必过的面试妆你get了吗?-搜狐   告诉妞们一件很恐怖的事,过完元宵醉生梦死的春节就结束了,哦多可~   不要悲伤不要心急,反正大四狗们的工作也还没有着落   不想明年过年被三姑六婆问起薪资的时候哑口无言,现在就要努力找工作啦~在这个颜值大过天的世界,HR也是先看颜值再谈心的   不要担心,贴心美啦酱早就预想到这一天,为妞们准备好了逢面必过面试妆,请妞们笑纳~   定妆照先来一张,可以看到,素颜的时候显得不那么精神,而且满满的稚气,而妆后又成熟稳重又美,让HR一看就觉得,办事能力肯定棒棒哒   用自己的粉底或者BB打底,面试底妆一定要薄而清透,如果皮肤状况不太好就要提前做面膜咯   用透明色的定妆粉定妆,妆效持久才不会还没面试妆都融了   画眉,眉毛不能太粗太直,自然略弯,颜色也不能太深,不然会显得凌厉      觉得自己鼻子不够挺的可以扫点鼻影,不过不要用力过猛噢,不然肉眼看会很怪异   眼影用大地色系以及淡粉色叠加,既体现应届毕业生的活泼又不会太过。卧蚕位置用珍珠棕来画出卧蚕,会比普通银色白色自然,因为面试妆就是要避免夸张      棕色眼线笔画出内眼线,细细的就好,稍微拉出一点点尾巴即可   睫毛稍微夹翘后,刷上极细睫毛膏。面试时会有较多的眼神接触,自然的眼妆可以增添自信感,也让眼睛看起来更有神   面试唇色不要选择浓艳的姨妈色或者大红,淡橘红或者粉红比较合适。面试时大多时间都在谈话,因此面试者的嘴巴容易引起注意,所以如果嘴巴有脱皮或者唇纹较多要提前处理   面试者的头发不要遮住脸部太多,会显得比较精神,因此如果不是齐刘海,尽量露出额头,可以稍微扫上阴影,让额头更好看~   职场新人的妆容一定要到位,无论是面试还是实习,太浓艳的妆容或者太邋遢都会留下不好的印象,这款自然、好气色的妆容几乎可以应用于所有的面试场合   看完完整妆容之后,其实美啦酱想说,除了准备好面试内容和美美的妆容之外,最最最重要的就是要充分的自信心,有大大的自信心,你就是女王!hiahiahia~   关注美啦微信号(meilapp),美腻才是王道!相关的主题文章: