Google open machine learning platform for everyone to benefit global

Google open machine learning platform for all to benefit the world in the past, machine learning is only a few elite have the opportunity to grasp the high technology. But as the major technology companies have opened their machine learning platform, more and more people will be able to use these advanced technologies in their own projects, the joint efforts of all the machine learning is becoming more and more intelligent. In these companies, Google is undoubtedly the leader of open machine learning platform. And Google really obsessed with machine learning, is the beginning of the end of 2015. November 2015, Google announced that it will open the latest machine learning system TensorFlow. On March 2016, Eric, chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, announced that Google would open the cloud computing platform for developers to learn from. In July, the company announced the opening of a new cloud machine learning platform Cloud Natural Language API, developers can analyze the natural language of emotion, grammar, etc., is a powerful tool for text analysis. Today, Google announced that it will use the most advanced learning methods on Docs. Now, Google’s machine learning platform has been open to all, anyone in need can access this resource to their projects. Fast and easy to use is really outstanding place Google algorithm. In order to enable more people to use the Google algorithm, the company also established a machine learning advanced office solutions (Machine Learning Advanced Solutions Lab), to help Google engineers to solve some technical Difficult miscellaneous diseases. It is also designed for enterprises to establish a cloud startup program, companies can learn the basics of the public cloud through this platform, and learn the best opportunity to implement machine learning. Google blog recently released an article about the customer Airbus Defense and Space how to detect and correct satellite images by Google. In the blog, we can see the Airbus employees feel the use of Google machine learning system. It improves the accuracy and speed of image formation. These problems have been bothering us for decades, and now they are finally solved. Google’s efforts to open machine learning have benefited many start-ups and business users. It can be predicted that more people will benefit from the future.相关的主题文章: