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"Good woman specialist Qianhua Wang Encore inspirational female interpretation tear drama – Sohu entertainment" good woman specialist Qianhua Wang Encore inspirational woman [HD Photo] Click to enter the   Sohu; entertainment news (since November 16th, Zhuang Xiuwen) by Qianhua Wang, Shen, Wang Tianze starred in the rural drama "99" launch conference held in beijing. The play will be landing CCTV TV channel in November 24th (CCTV-8) gold thing. Known as the "good woman specialist" said the Qianhua Wang said in her "99" again in the rural drama, inspirational woman, the achievements of their own, even if one day you are eighty years old, as long as the audience does not mind, but also play the play to the audience in rural areas. Known as the "99" invited country drama ratings queen said Qianhua Wang featuring actress. In recent years, which starred in the "wheat city" "women village" "headed woman" "northeast 2" "woman" "son-in-law" p. "I am fine in Beijing" and other hit series in the ratings have good performance, has become a major television popular repertoire. This time, she in the "99" plays good tough Faku women 99, set Chinese traditional virtue in a woman, with tolerance and wisdom to resolve the dangers of life. As for the "good woman specialist" said Qianhua Wang, re interpretation of the theme of the play is not tired of the rural. "Since I shot" the woman in charge ", I fell in love with the rural drama. There are many good stories in the countryside. Even if one day I am eighty years old, as long as you don’t abandon me, I give you play in rural speech." It is worth mentioning that in the play of the 99 but does not regret the carpenter Gao Daquan Shen, in real life, and Qianhua Wang is right and proper for couples, in the TV series "99", as the couple common interpretation of drama, this loving show is called a capital! While life unexpected is, although the two sweet marriage, rujiaosiqi, but had turned out to be his wife Qianhua Wang initiative. When a "Trinidad chasing husband", bold pursue a northeast man Shenhang "tough and tender", have this romantic feelings to two others envy. It is reported that "99" tells the story of the heroine Xiao 99 husband suddenly unexpected calamity, back to the 99 son of the murderer "tiger" caused a great disturbance in laws, although 99 sorrow is the overall situation everywhere patience, even more will their children and push on the fate of the cliff. In order to survive 99 leading young children a few degrees depend on others, struggling in the thorns, rekindle the love of former lover, cause is not continuous, teachers admire 99, 99 emotional chase into a more awkward position in front of relatives and friends, folks, with survival and belief of pulling and suffering – – – – -相关的主题文章: