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"Good girl" behind the "boy" Fan Bingbing Li Chen play – Sohu entertainment   "Goodfellas" will be landing in Beijing TV entertainment news September 26th Li Chen Sohu as a producer, producer and starring film "Goodfellas" will be landing in Beijing TV, the late three years of efforts and finally to meet the audience, not only let netizens delight, is round the Li Chen years of dream. Li Chen, former micro-blog "time, time, and time to light" confession "I only feel sorry for you, is not someone to comfort you." "Good girl" Fan Bingbing today also made micro-blog power, behind the "boy" Li Chen, "she said that in micro-blog, his eyes suffused with tears and I said" Goodfellas "finally to be broadcast, know him so long, did not see much of his tears, but I know that this is his obsession. Because the production company’s problems, resulting in the play has not been available, his micro-blog three years ago wrote an angry words, perhaps not angry words, after too many disappointments do iron the heart want to do, perhaps as a negative drama producer, an actress of shoulder on the responsibility, think play not broadcast to all for this movie to have brothers and sisters, fortunately, all the hard is just a process, and we have learned a lot in these processes. In a word, the long cherished wish reached, now you can’t go home, because there are people waiting for your family! May the sincerity to make you all love, all this boy is called time, time, time of light." With Li Chen three years ago, micro-blog "if a screenshot of the sincerity of ultimately unable to meet with the audience, then I will return." Have to say, this is full of moving micro-blog also for the majority of users and a dog, Bing Bing sister this "China good girlfriend" really is fully deserve the title of!相关的主题文章: