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Good gifts, autographs and basketball players are equipped! Sohu sports before the promised gifts to thank you all the way since the understanding and support of specially from his collection with three autographed photo number but the signature of absolute fidelity each one is my own face to sign Howard dunk contest autograph Chinese instant Alston autograph Ken Ba Walker Wu You instant lore autograph direct love in this article is the message note at the bottom of this article click on the message message message of good Kazakhstan free will have bonus. I’ll pick a random message from 3 fans to send this three autographed photo + three basketball equipment (ankle or kneeguard) (you may need to pay the express fee, the economic situation is limited, no love can only forgive me) when there are many small players. Star, autograph before finishing the three piece just at hand will have the opportunity to send some small gifts finally once again thank you for your continued support and understanding after the tweets will continue to update customers and teaching will have what to learn from each other exchanges in the background, I have time to see the message. After reply even scold me very hard and I will return to the upright after all I still want to scold back oh here to explain the key problems of many of my friends have a lot of keywords reply here I can only say sorry because really busy haven’t set the words I will have time later the content on a page to let everyone searching finally well this is my last hope you love me in the basketball to find that Jane I wish I could have a good result in what you like相关的主题文章: