Golden shares long investment opportunities analysis

"Golden shares" long investment opportunity analysis of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Xishou, hot day trip, the amplitude narrowed, between market, which is a characteristic of the market this week, after the general should enlarge the amount of energy, and this week the amount of energy but lower than before the holiday, liangnengweisu hand even after the fall of the reluctant to sell, it also brought the index rebound; on the other hand is long liangnengbuzu, so often ascribed to all fall, index is confined to a narrow interval. Despite the obvious trap specific trend, the Monday market to undertake small holiday period outside the strong, appeared slightly higher, then all the way up, Zhongyang ended before falling, but the amount is pre shrunk nearly 10%, stocks broad repair, while more than 5% stocks fell extinct, declining stocks were strong rebound before the holiday shares, such as the black cattle food, Hangzhou Iron and Steel shares etc.. Tuesday the market did not continue to rebound upward, sideways, all day long range is only 0.4%, the fluctuation of only 11.94 points, compared with lower amplitude, the volume can also remain low, obviously before the withdrawal of funds no obvious return; on Wednesday, the continuation of the shrinkage index of a narrow range of movements, all day long range of only 15 points, hit 60 daily after a slight decline. By Thursday, the Fed does not raise interest rates and global stock index rebound effect, again opened, almost copy the trend on Monday, but the amplitude is still small, only 19 points, stocks broad atmosphere. Not because of Thursday’s rebound Friday market changes, the volume will continue to maintain a low, narrow range. In addition, this week is also characterized by a "tour" phenomenon, from Monday (Chinese nuclear power nuclear construction, nuclear science and Technology), Tuesday’s Chengdu PPP project (Chengdu Luqiao, Sichuan, Chengdu Chongqing) and Wednesday (Angang Steel plate, steel plates, etc.) Thursday (shares of venture capital placards Vanke, Jiakai City, Langfang development, etc.) continued strength is getting worse, persistence is not too strong, and some even are not sealed at day limit, the next day a substantial adjustment. The fed to raise interest and the gold price rally Association National Day holiday approaching, will lead the market long before the previous caution, especially similar spring and National Day holiday, outside the unknown factors, funds must be prevention, especially the recent global financial market is not very peaceful, several large fluctuations. On Thursday, the Fed’s action once again triggered a consistent action in the global market, but this time from 9.12 diving into a rebound of 9.22. Although in September the Fed did not raise interest rates, but also for a hike in the end foreshadowed the Fed’s next meeting (November 1~2) just a week before the election, so action is unlikely, this makes December (13~14 days) the probability of interest rate increases. At present, the Federal Reserve at the end of December interest rate increase will be ripe, which means that two points: first, the economy has been able to withstand the situation of interest rate hike, which is a good sign. Two is for the capital market, this is a bad time to do the best, after all, the probability of continuous interest rate is minimal, but to give the stock market and the theory of相关的主题文章: