Giant grief! 500 million stolen user data the history of the most serious-punyu

Giant grief! 500 million user data stolen: the most serious foreign media reports in history, YAHOO now acknowledged that its 500 million account had leaked in a data attack in 2014. They suggest that all users immediately change their passwords, especially those accounts that have never been done after 2014. Reported in 2013, Snowden released documents show that the U.S. National Security Bureau has implanted Google and YAHOO’s internal network, in order to obtain millions of data every day. A year later, Snowden gave the key information again, saying the British intelligence agency had hacked millions of Yahoo Messenger webcams for surveillance. Since then, the network giants began to strengthen security measures, but during this period, YAHOO suffered data attacks. YAHOO said, including user name, phone number, eMail, birthday, hash value of the password in the leaked information (Fei Mingwen), the security question and answer. But there is no secret password and payment account, bank cards and other information is not in the range of leakage. The current survey shows that the attack is a regional and even national behavior that has been planned and funded, but the specific information is still unclear.

巨头悲催!5亿用户数据被盗:史上最严重  外媒报道,雅虎现在承认,旗下5亿账户曾在2014年的一次数据攻击中泄露。  他们建议所有用户立即修改密码,尤其是那些2014年之后从未进行过类似操作的账号。  报道称,2013年,斯诺登披露的文件显示,美国国安局植入了谷歌和雅虎的内网,以此每天获取数百万的资料。  一年后,斯诺登再次给出关键信息,称英国情报机构黑掉了数百万Yahoo Messenger的网络摄像头进行监控。  自此之后,网络巨头开始加强安全措施,不料在此期间,雅虎遭遇数据攻击。  雅虎说,这些泄露的信息中包括用户的姓名、eMail、电话号码、生日、密码hash值(非明文)、密保问题和答案等。不过没有密保的密码以及支付账户、银行卡等信息并不在此次泄漏范围。  目前的调查显示,攻击是一起有策划和资助的区域甚至国家性行为,但具体信息仍不明朗。相关的主题文章: