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Gao Yi Ling: preferred holiday tourism, landscape beauty and less interesting – written in front of Chenzhou tourism Sohu mentioned will think of what? Hunan Province, the "South Gate"; China women’s "home"; or ask "how to read Chen" word? In 2014, the Internet was "foggy Xiaodongjiang" such as Xian picturesque scenery attract, think that it is a comfortable and comfortable place. Eleven this year, no advance arrangements, want to find a drive from Wuhan 3, 4 hours, and then decided to go to Chenzhou to enjoy the temporary Danxia landform, there are green mountains and rivers pleasant town life. Travel overview: October 4th -6, D1: 7:25 WuHan Railway Station – Chenzhou West 10:06 Yu Gao Yi Ling, Zixing Liyujiang Night Hotel D2: Travel East scenic lakes night Hanting Chenzhou Pedestrian Street Hotel D3: Suxian tour ChenZhou West Railway Station WuHan Railway Station far Ling 14:21- 17:15 in Chenzhou area and the distance between the various scenic spots, in order to play comfortably, suggestions in advance about the car Oh, this car travel, the train will not be spreading the menace from the rear, to play car driver was a young man of about 30, 3 days, full fare 450 yuan, people are very interesting and very patient. Gao Yi Ling: fun is also rough under the train, Master Wu’s car has been in the train station waiting for us, about 10:30 on the train, starting to drive in front of Gao Yi Ling, the city, behind the high-speed, basically no traffic jams, a distance of about 1 hours. To reach the area is at noon 12 o’clock in the autumn sun, people are hungry, so we choose to eat in the area at the foot of the Gao Yi Ling farm restaurant. The yellow fish a little more, but delicious, because not regular attractions, no public toilet in the restaurant can borrow Restroom oh. Full of rice, raise enough spirit, starting climbing! The scenic area is the atmosphere of the landscape and the unique style of the earthquake live, beginning also more slowly into the area inside are dispersed, terrain becomes increasingly open. With the United States in a complete mess to describe Gao Yi Ling is not an exaggeration. As a piece of virgin land of Danxia landform has not yet developed, apart from Feitianshan, Gao Yi Ling of the forest coverage rate reached 95%, the scenic spot is no tickets. On both sides of the Danxia landform on purple sandstone and conglomerate, Fangshan flat rounded walls is a steep cliff, during the river passes through, add a little soft for the magnificent landscape. Danxia landform is formed by different weathering, gravity collapse, water erosion and wind erosion. Rock slope foot Piyou Dengdao, relatively steep, climb up more effort, but this beautiful scenery company up is particularly strong. Some roadside no fence, next to climb up to precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, or Caution! Oh, if it is a rainy day, it is very dangerous. Down the mountain, the weather is really awesome! Maybe most people still choose to return to the same way, we choose high Yi Ling Cun.相关的主题文章: