Gansu to play a leading role brand train to promote the new network in the supply and demand

Gansu to play a leading role "train" brand to promote the supply and demand structure upgrades – Beijing new network in Lanzhou in September 26, (Yang Na) Office of the Gansu provincial government announced 26 days, Gansu to increase variety, quality, brand "as the focus, play a leading role to promote the brand, for the structure optimization," general brand, brand, patriotic goods to lead, promote the upgrading of the structure of demand. "Hard skills" to improve the supply, to meet the needs, make a strong brand. According to the general requirements to promote the supply side reforms, Gansu will fully play a decisive role, the role of enterprises and government to promote the role of the market and social role, optimize the policy environment, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. In order to play the leading role of the brand as the core, improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, to further stimulate the vitality of the market, the release of consumption potential, to provide sustained economic development momentum. In terms of policy optimization, Gansu will continue to accelerate the transformation of government functions, innovative management and service. Through the improvement of the standard system, strengthen technological innovation, improve the brand support to support the development of policy, strengthen the independent brand publicity and promotion, to play a leading role to promote the upgrading of the structure of supply and demand of brand escort. Enterprise is the main body to promote the reform of the supply and demand structure, corporate brand awareness, the ability of independent innovation are to play the main role of "internal strength". Gansu from the inside, to enhance the brand awareness of enterprises, and guide enterprises to operate honestly, and further strengthen the construction of the talent team, build a global competitiveness of the personnel system. Good social atmosphere is the "catalyst" of supply and demand structure reform". By enhancing the public’s recognition and confidence of their own brands, expanding their own brand consumption. Gansu encourage consumers to know the brand, with high-quality goods, patriotic goods, and guide consumers to rational consumption of science, cultivate independent brand growth. While giving full play to the positive role of government, enterprises and society, Gansu has made specific demands on the leading role of the brand. In the promotion of advanced quality management techniques and methods, improve the level of standardization, strengthen the examination ability and build foundation of sustainable innovation platform, enhance the brand soft power building, Gansu infrastructure construction to strengthen the brand, brand to play leading role in creating conditions. Gansu proposed to enrich the variety of products and services, increase the supply of high-quality agricultural products, the introduction of a number of manufacturing products, improve the quality of life services, is to promote the focus of upgrading the supply structure. To play the brand, leading the upgrading of the structure of demand, boost consumer confidence in Gansu from the start, the construction of information platform of product quality credible, comprehensive, timely and accurate release of information about product quality and provide services for government, enterprises and educational institutions, to provide reliable data for consumers to determine the quality, to urge enterprises adhere to the integrity of the bottom line, enhance consumer confidence. On a show of independent brand publicity, Gansu further implement the government quality award, Gansu famous brand products, the protection of geographical indications products, chi () trademarks, well-known brand demonstration area, such as the core of the time-honored brand development strategy, accelerate the formation of a number of brand products, brand and enterprise brand construction. Encourage enterprises相关的主题文章: