G-star exhibits a large list of the first generation of exhibitors SONY flagship VR yezimei

G-star Exhibition for generations of exhibitors for the first time SONY flagship VR with all the media tracking reports, is also gradually opened in November to carry out the mystery of South Korea Gstar2016 game exhibition game today, let Xiaobian take you a look now what are the big manufacturers and exposure! Data released by the Gstar committee can be seen in the 1526 B2C Museum, B2B Museum 1107, and last year, B2C Museum of the, the B2B museum is not much difference between the 1186. You can see from the front and back to media reports, some large manufacturers have to wait in the stadium hung banners, from which we see South Korea’s first Mobile Games at Netmarble, South Korean game companies Nexon the products exhibited the most, some local manufacturers such as Mgame, Bandai, Webzen, South Korea cocoa exposure the new product in the exhibition this year, Japanese manufacturers are mainly SONY and other game companies. NEXON: host domineering side leakage to bring a variety of masterpiece exhibitors the largest (400) open Pavilion NEXON opinion by a majority of new games to attract game player. The game has not been determined. NEXON responsible person said was the formation of a TF team and carefully select the exhibition game and can be announced in November. Netmarble: Heaven 2 tour or will be exposed as the main sponsor of the show during the game show netmarble has a total of 100 exhibits. The manufacturer’s new Mobile Games paradise at the beginning of this year 2 report will officially open test plan in October, but later due to optimization problems until November, so while Netmarble although not announced what exhibition game, we can roughly guess Mobile Games heaven 2 or will become the most important game products, will be formally exposure during the exhibition and open trial. This year, NTP announced a new hand tour can also experience in the netmarble pavilion. The Unreal Engine 4 making action RPG games Destiny, N.O.W and Tera, the sword of the spirit Mobile Games (tentative translation), KOF (provisional translation) All Star Games open temporarily not open. Dragon Korea: Adou Ki Han Kim Tae Yeon attended the Dragon Mobile Games exposure to South Korea this also carry competing products for exhibitors in the booth to experience the game and Adou Ki Mobile Games VR. In addition to the game outside the scene is also ready to star Kim Tae Yeon’s signature activities and sword and magic 3V3 athletics and other activities. Sword and magic 3V3 game for MMORPG hand tour rare game. A total of 50 million won (about 290 thousand) and a variety of quality award bonuses. Gstar in China and South Korea in the final two countries. SONY: VR start the game to be a mystery to be announced SONY will be the same as last year, PSVR. Recently in October 13th PSVR released 27 VR games, so many media have predicted this exhibition selection part to open to the game player. .相关的主题文章: