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Funny comedy variety YiHongErShang get together   brush face excessive laugh? – the media – People’s original title: brush the face of excessive get together and laugh out? Yue Yunpeng and Li Chen talk together. Liu Tao is going on a comedy show. Guo Degang, Song Dandan, and the crossover comedy by Mr. Feng Xiaogang and mr.. Song Xiaobao, Jia Ling suddenly re entered the comedy variety. Right now the most red comedy variety "The Legendary Swordsman" occupy every Sunday ratings list emerged, amateur players themselves. At the same time, the same type of comedy "story" and "cross-border comedy king" is about to get together on the file, to join the competition camp, but the main is a "Star Cross" brand. But the audience has expressed concern that this kind of program is facing many problems: actor, model brush face excessive homogenization, aesthetic fixed conservative, if not resolved, comedy resources are too concentrated mining, funny is not necessarily a future. After the first assessment programs herd, how to differentiate? Ceng Jun so many programs almost at the same time, people sigh comedy variety of spring is coming. In fact, two years ago, the comedy variety also had a more crazy hot period, but later the most funny show the general effect, such as outdoor advertising investment to show that easy, so this type of rapid cooling, after a period of calm reflection, with the "The Legendary Swordsman" and "happy A NEW force suddenly rises. comedy", and soon some people follow. In fact, this is not particularly conducive to the overall ecology and development of comedy programs. Because to do tastes, comedy shows a particularly high threshold. And when the uneven level of the program full screen, the audience will sooner or later have a taste of this kind of aesthetic fatigue. But at the same time, happiness is still under the pressure of life people just need to make people laugh, but it is not easy, the premise is the program to have enough creativity and sincerity. From this point of view, under the present red indicates certain risks, to remind you, in a strong lineup is not a panacea, but must go a different way. First of all, by the famous actor or popular comedian frequently brush face to attract the eye is good, but the show also will inevitably be suspected of resource consumption comedy like a swarm of bees, for the long-term development of this comedy industry is not a good thing, so the producer can try to find comedy players relax vision can not just stare at the big, but should give those who have not yet known but has a strong foundation of comedian some opportunities, China, vast territory and abundant resources a lot of talent, as long as the candidate program will look down, to a variety of folk theater wide net, will be able to transport fresh blood into the comic industry. Secondly, we have long comedy language class accounted for the bulk of pieces are the most developed, with Deyunshe crosstalk as a bellwether, other categories of performance but was ignored, the program will be less creative, the audience also began to feel dull, from "laugh proud rivers and lakes" experience, mime, dance class comedy rely on exaggeration, cola body movements to create comedy can do something. So we’re asking)相关的主题文章: