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Home-Improvement When the matter of kitchen .es, it is woman who takes it as their most important part in the house. As women are supposed to be the most garrulous part in mankind, they keep continuing make a fuss until they get their kitchen sophisticatedly decorated. Consequently, almost all household-owners willingly or unwillingly look for a modular kitchen . Now the question .es, what does it mean by modular kitchen? As the name suggests modular kitchens are kitchens where modules are put together to form design of kitchen. These are planned and constructed in modules, maintaining norms of standard sizes. The modules en.pass different sizes and shapes of cabinets and many other selected elements which are put together to get a .plete and self-dependent kitchen. In .parison to a bespoke or customize kitchen, a modular kitchen off and on gives a significant saving for the manufacturer as he makes hundreds or thousands of the same item that allows them to curtail down the expense, but there is an underlying inconvenience of it as ones size, form and requirement might not match with it. But as many people seem to have taken a fancy to the modular kitchen, now modular kitchen-set has be.e a ubiquitous feature. It may include accessories like chimneys, ventilators and sinks. A recently conducted survey report has revealed that modular kitchen industry in India is growing at a brisk pace of 25% per annum. As per the last available industry statistics are concerned, the modular kitchen segment in India has covered at around Rs 1,500 Crore. Today when the number of nuclear families is increasing and the purchasing power is growing among people, this industry is expected to grow up to 40% per annum. As modular kitchen is expected to bring .fort and convenience to home makers in various ways, it many include various important modular kitchen accessories. They (accessories) not only provide .fort and convenience but also help to make kitchen elegant with top notch quality interior decoration and styles. Just have a look on them Cooker hood: A cooker hood is an essential accessory which is used to eliminate smoke from the kitchen that is automatically produced at the time of cooking food. Pull out drawers: These are the varieties of drawers used for storing food items, spices, pickle, sauce and utensils Cabi.s: An important modular kitchen accessory is used for storing containers of various sizes. Besides, there are accessories like shutters and shelves and cooking range. To get your modular kitchen excellently decorated, you can start of with Essqaure, a leading modular kitchen facilitator in Kolkata. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: