Fukuoka marathon near the road has been repaired only 7 days to repair the amazing efficiency-noiseware

Fukuoka marathon near the road has been repaired only 7 days to repair the efficiency of the amazing Fukuoka marathon near the street collapsed, less than a month away from the race. In November 10th, we reported that the Japanese Central Fukuoka sudden large-scale road collapse, forming a crater around 30m, resulting in traffic and power outages. This year’s Fukuoka marathon is scheduled to be held in December 4th, the location of the incident is only 2.5 blocks away from the track, less than 300m distance. The race was less than 1 months old, and a serious accident in the vicinity of the game was a big concern. Some netizens even joked that the day of the game need to cross the barrier like super Marie! The Canadian Olympic athlete Reed coolsaet recently announced it would participate in the famous marathon, but this will be his debut at the Rio Olympics, netizens also speculated that because this will affect the arrival of the God of the pit. Today, the Japanese came the good news, only a week, the Japanese engineers had this horrible pit repaired and reopened, they to dump a large amount of day in and day out of cement and sand into the hole, and fix the electric power, gas and water. Do you see any difference? This high efficiency, but also to the British people to sit, as everyone knows, the British work follow the prescribed order, strictly abide by the rules and regulations, but it has also led to extremely low efficiency. Japan in a week to fix this hole, the British public is unbelievable, it has also become a British media headlines that day. Of course, this news is really a good news for runners, small partners can be happy to run about! (Zi Chen) reports: Fukuoka marathon Road near 30m events on the unknown pit collapse相关的主题文章: