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Fujian poison bean sprouts case withdrawal: those involved have been jailed for 10 and a half years – the Sohu news for two and a half years later, on the 19 day, Fujian agricultural still got full bud root withdrawing criminal verdict. In March 19, 2014, he was Minhou County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention on suspicion of crime of producing and selling poisonous and harmful food crime, after the first instance jailed for 10 years and 6 months, the case sparked controversy due to lack of evidence, the heavy sentence. Much since the emergence of "poison bean sprouts" withdrawal in 2013, add rootless water (containing 6- benzyladenine) rootless sprouts issued once considered "poison bean sprouts", but there is no scientific evidence that the "rootless" water in the principal components of 6- benzyladenine, 4- chlorophenoxy acetate, gibberellin the material is toxic and harmful substances. The dispute under the criminal judgment of around the rootless sprouts of such cases is not the same, both have a guilty verdict, acquittal, withdrawal, remand and other circumstances. After 2015, although there is no clear legal documents, all over the country to poison bean sprouts case, much longer with the criminal case. However, currently the country is still in the 5 month according to the food and Drug Administration Bureau, Ministry of agriculture, the State Planning Commission three ministries announcement in 2015, against the bean sprouts, just to make administrative punishment, not to handle criminal prosecution. 2014 was arrested, Fujian bean sprouts producer Quan Shanggen engaged in the production of bean sprouts, sold to a local supermarket. From 2011 to 2013, all is the root sprouts were sent to the hospital for quality inspection and sale of products of Fujian province lead, sulfite project detection, detection values were within the limit, is a standard. But the first instance verdict, the detection of only lead and nitrite detection, the relevant local laws and regulations do not explicitly add 6- benzyl adenine. In the first trial, counsel for the proposed "system is not bean food production activities and 6- benzyladenine is not toxic and harmful substances" defend opinions, judgments, "as for human consumption and sprouts nutritive elements, which belongs to the food." The judge quoted the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine "on notice" food additives Propylparaben and other 33 kinds of products supervision, think "6- benzyladenine belongs to non food raw materials of toxic and harmful properties". In March 20, 2015, Minhou County Court of first instance that is the root in the production and sale of sprouts rootless water used in the process of toxic and harmful "(including 6- benzyladenine), acts of producing and selling poisonous and harmful food crimes, and particularly serious, the total sales amounted to 88 yuan, to the whole the root is sentenced to 10 years and 6 months. In August 12, 2015, Fuzhou City Intermediate People’s court that, "not found in the 6- benzyladenine belongs to non food raw materials situation is toxic and harmful, the verdict of the defendants are the root constitute the production, selling poisonous and harmful food crime, the fact is unclear, insufficient evidence". The second instance ruled that the revocation of the first instance of Minhou county court, sent back to trial. In September 19th this year, the withdrawal of all, is the root attorney that finally legally declared full is the root of innocence. In fact, since 2015, Chongqing, Canton相关的主题文章: