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Fu Yuanhui confirmed that the cross-border   comedy show; screen debut to "cross" – the king of comedy, people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn original title: Fu Yuanhui Beijing TV comedy show that cross-border cross-border comedy "King" in 10, 20:30 continued to broadcast. 10 pm, the program group held the second phase of the program will see the film, producer Dong Xin site broke the news, "the young girl" Fu Yuanhui will make sure to join, this is her screen comedy debut." In the face of intense competition in the Saturday night shift, high-profile "cross-border comedy king" was launched, with the potential continuation of "combo singer" of the cross-border cross-border wave effect. The whole season program, the 25 cross-border star, the 5 comedy broker, the 1 comedy convener, will be on this stage to open the comedy adventure, the completion of self transcendence, to give the audience a more pleasant performance. Lan Qin won the first phase of the poplar forest combination will bring a contrast show. Lan Qin has always been gentle and soft, with cowboy handsome appearance, staged a battle of wits, courage, fighting and full reversal of the Western comedy wine. When it comes to cross-border spirit, producer Dong Xin said: the biggest difficulty lies in the choice of the guests, which is the most traumatic brain, but also to make the team the most tangled. We started arguing is to use all the actors, actors on the stage of word or a little more. But then we overthrew their own, since the cross, the cross range do five cross-border guests — starting from the largest music circle, cultural circle, and Olympic champion, and some stage experience, and some are not. Even a tear of a star of Lan Qin, at this stage, will use the way of crying over the comedy." Yin Hong, professor at the school of Journalism and communication, Tsinghua University, said: "Xiao Shenyang,, Deng Ya Ping, and so on, and so on, and so on," he said, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""…… Star across the show comedy potential, but also really surprises. The program form, system design, cross combination, a test of the original ability. Although the first phase of how much seems a bit tight, but the comedy temperament has a taste. This is the first year of this year’s original TV TV model a big harvest." (according to the "Beijing morning news" (Zou Jing, Li Yan): commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: