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Fu Yuanhui won the 50 Asian Championships back called "girl heart burst" – Fu Yuanhui news information Sohu. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Jinjia Xinhua Beijing November 17th sports special telegram 17, Japan is Tokyo’s Asian Swimming Championships swimming competition officially opened the curtain, in the first day of 10 projects in the competition, has won 6 Chinese swimmer gold 4 Silver 3 copper. Fu Yuanhui’s a punch in winning the women’s 50 meters backstroke champion, said "my heart like a girl Mountains fall and the earth splits. outbreak". As the women’s 50 meters backstroke world championship, Fu Yuanhui has put a strain on attention training after the Olympic Games to rest after a period of time, she has an obvious advantage in the finals to win the championship, the result is 27 seconds 86, this is her first medal harvest Championship gold medal, 28 seconds to 01 Cher Wang ranked runner up. After the game, Fu Yuanhui showed a pattern of gold pink Sakura photos on social networking platform, and with the text to express their feelings: "the first Asian Championship gold medal, the pink powder is very beautiful, I like the girl heart is like the outbreak of the Mountains fall and the earth splits. faint cry, in the swimming pool." Fu Yuanhui’s gold medal at micro-blog. Photograph: Fu Yuanhui micro-blog other games in 17 days, Li Zhu Hao to break the record 52 seconds the whole dominated the men’s 100 meters butterfly; Zhou Yilin and Zhang Yufei won the women’s 200 meter butterfly final; Zhu Menghui won the gold medal in the women’s 100 meter freestyle, Shen duo of copper extraction; about the Olympic Games in the men’s 200 meter medley Wang Shun third because of injury comeback soon, silver harvest in the 400 medley, teammate Mao Feilian won the bronze medal; Wang Shun Korean swimmer Pu Taihuan lost in the 200 meter freestyle, once again ranked second; Li Xiang and Yan Zi Bei in the men’s 50 meters breaststroke third and fourth. Chinese team also gained the women’s 4X200 meter freestyle relay and the men’s 4X100 meter medley relay champion. In the 17 day of the diving competition, Chinese player Xie Siyi / Huang Bowen won the 3 meter men’s double crown, Malaysia and Japan combined won silver and bronze medals; the Rio Olympic Games women’s 10 meter Taiwan Qunfang runner up Si Yajie in the women’s 10 meter Taiwan single game Technology Press, Golden Harvest card, another player China linktec runner up. The current Championship synchronized swimming competition a total of 8 projects of the contest, Chinese sent an average age of 18 youth teams, aimed at training, and the host for the Rio Olympic National team lineup. 17, Chinese flower swim young single harvest technology choice and collective technology choice of two silver medals. Asian swimming championships every four years, a total of swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo four sports competition, the tournament was unveiled in 14 days, 20 days of the end.相关的主题文章: