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From the north to Cambridge, PA, the Chongqing Chongqing Dong Qiaosheng somewhat cattle in Fengdu, 2003 in Fengdu science first admitted to Peking University, has an undergraduate at the Department of medicine at the medical English majors, Department of philosophy, philosophy of science professional postgraduate students. In 2011, he went to the Department of classical studies of University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, engaged in the comparative study of ancient Greek and Chinese medicine. In 2012, he served as president of Cambridge oriental culture society. Speech "every country and nation to human beings left the rich traditional culture treasure, my biggest dream is to through their own efforts, with the communication between Chinese and Western" bridge "," the sound of the revival of the Chinese young"." Since Qiaosheng Dong is "Curve Wrecker" academic route, from Peking University to the University of Cambridge in the UK, from the philosophy of medical English and science to ancient Greece and China medical comparative study, he is still at ease again big span. From the beginning of 2014, he began to organize cultural activities to promote cultural heritage. "I want to extend to the world heritage China." Dong Qiaosheng said. Study of ancient Greek arts champion into Peking University in 2003, enrolled in the Fengdu County Experimental Middle School Qiaosheng Dong, Fengdu County in the first science achievement was admitted to the Peking University Health Science Center. He was a medical English major, but later he had a strong interest in philosophy, so when he was a graduate student, he went to Philosophy Department of philosophy of science. After graduation in 2011, Dong Qiaosheng went to University of Cambridge PhD, and chose in ancient Greece and Chinese medical comparative study. "It seems to me that it is very big, but in fact, I am focused on the philosophy of medicine, especially the philosophy of ancient greece." He said that now many people talk about western medicine, are concentrated in modern western medicine, the ancient Western medicine little attention, but in fact, the ancient Western medicine left a lot of treasure for mankind. No obstacle to reading a large number of ancient literature and ancient Greek must master the complex syntax, memory of many uncommon words. "Some uncommon words or even only in a Book appeared." Two years ago, PhD, he in addition to language learning, also read a lot of ancient classical literature, and some even have to read several times, also have access to relevant information in other disciplines of anthropology, sociology and so on, in order to do research. "There are two or three Chinese students in the class, the Chinese students are more diligent, and only more diligent in order to catch up with the level of Western students." He told reporters that during that time, he read almost every day in more than 10 hours. Let Thangka boutique into England engaged in academic research, he also kept thinking: Although he is the study of traditional medicine, but what is the meaning of traditional medicine in contemporary? The pile of things, where is the value? How to make the book knowledge and reality, let Dong Qiaosheng began to non heritage students interest. In 2012, he began to serve as president of the Oriental Society of Cambridge, and is committed to the promotion of Oriental culture, especially Chinese culture in the uk. In June 13, 2015, sponsored by the Cambridge Institute of Oriental Culture "Lausanne Longda Guru: world art treasures – Thangka world" sacred large exhibition held in London, caused a stir. Dong Qiaosheng is the sponsor of the exhibition相关的主题文章: