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From a decline of 10 million assets of township enterprises, small and medium industrial Siju Chinese see! Text zero from the public investment in the number of meters basket (ID:mikuangtouzi) last week back home, the mother pulled me to go to the factory on the sunflower. I hesitated for a moment, then come to understand, the original mother gave their retirement to find a fun. The factory is small uncle factory, now been shut down, half-dead quite a derelict factory, middle large space down, my mother was to make full use of it, a plot, one side is shut down for a long time, the factory has significant signs of decay, one side is thriving, large sunflower proud fiery…… A small uncle is the home business wizards, never graduated from junior high school began to start a small business, a way to sell from odds and ends of sewing thread steel. Steel business I wish you a happy voyage. sailing.   2006, the upstream steel trade enterprises to extend the reach of the city, after the small uncle saw the industry decline, began to find another opportunity. My hometown is the origin of corn and soybean yield advantage, perennial in the forefront of the country, small to see Uncle County as the main origin of corn, soybean origin low price advantage, began to get involved in corn and soybean starch processing industry, and investigated the one-year study. In 2007, the small uncle began to invest and build factories, the small uncle had about 9000000, and about 8000000 from bank loans, a total investment of about 17000000, mainly the production of creamer and maltodextrin. 2008, the factory put into operation, the size of the enterprise is 40 people, the annual turnover of about 8000000, gross profit of around 30%. After four years, the rapid expansion of the factory, 2013 enterprises reached the peak of development, production line production line from 1 to 3, from 40 people to 130 people, the annual turnover at 25 million, but the problem — enterprise turnover growth of more than three times, gross profit decreased by nearly half. The reason is obvious, but almost no solution. But the disappearance of the demographic dividend, human resource costs rose 5, prices rose less than 1. 08 years of production, the average wage of workers is 1500 January, package three meals a day, every day there are large enterprises outside the Lu Luxu foundation workers lined up to apply for renewal. By the end of 2009, 4 trillion of the bailout bubble finally entered the line of the county, a time, the emergence of the industrial zone, more than 20 enterprises, more than 3 enterprises. "Labor shortage" in the Yangtze River Delta region will appear in the first term of the right to enter the county view. The spring of 2010 to return to work, small uncle found no workers, especially workers based packet and shipment of the whole run, just because the industrial zone factory full production, starting salary 2000. In desperation, the small uncle in order to retain workers, but also out of 2000 wages. However, even if this is still unable to change the speed of the situation too fast, the new factory workers after 2 months of basic training, on a production line, production capacity, put forward to raise wages. Wages are rising all the way, not here, they can be elsewhere. Under inflationary pressures, all the.相关的主题文章: