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Fresh electricity loss generally is that the business model of –IT– original title: fresh general loss is that the business model to the golden crab season, Suzhou Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs fishing. The major electricity supplier platform such as Jingdong, Tmall, Suning and other early this year and the Yangcheng Lake hairy crab association signed the agreement, contract pond water, grab fishing crabs, old customers of Jingdong this year is topped, shop No. 1 to more than 50% sales in Yangcheng lake. Just by the 3C division was transferred to the fresh division responsible person of the Jingdong vice president Wang Xiaosong revealed to the media for the first time on fresh and Jingdong is how the operation of fresh electricity supplier. Took office just ten months Wang Xiaosong admitted that the Jingdong business development of fresh electricity supplier is really "most willing to grind", "compared with the mobile phone industry, fresh industry more bitter." Fresh electricity supplier average loss rate of 35%-40% this is the current situation of the general loss of the industry can be corroborated. According to the China agricultural fresh electricity supplier development forum has published a set of data, in the more than 4 thousand fresh electricity supplier companies, only 1% of profits, 4% flat, 88% slight deficit, the remaining 7% comes from huge losses to the state. In other words, up to 95% of the proportion of fresh electricity supplier enterprises in the plight of loss. The main industry is suffering losses, the average loss rate of 35%-40%." According to Wang Xiaosong, "this is why the second half of last year to this year has continued to have many reasons for fresh electricity supplier business does not survive, no new funds into the capital chain problems easily." Fresh electricity was known as the "blue ocean" business industry, but the current total market in Wang Xiaosong seems in fact at present amount is not large, "I know the B2C up to twenty billion, the amount of micro business will be bigger, even if I think that add up to no more than fifty billion, once the data say fresh electricity penetration 10%, I that only a maximum of 2%. Do not understand the fresh industry people think fresh electricity is full, came after the discovery of very skinny." Wang Xiaosong is very realistic to say that the reason for this situation is that the fresh business model, according to the reports, in fresh electricity cost to get new users in more than 150 yuan, and some even as high as 180 yuan, plus the mobile Internet era of information is fragmented, you need to be able to capture the user the mind, to spend the cost of the cost will be greater. The traditional retail line to get the user certainly do not have so much money." In the cost of logistics services, only the core of the city’s cold chain logistics on more than 35 yuan a single, but the price is not much higher than ordinary customers of ordinary products. In general, fresh electricity cost is high, the customer price is low cost, high rate, hard margin support. "In addition to the business model, the electricity supplier of fresh faces in addition to price other than a series of problems, such as product quality, delivery time and so on," but in the face of the difficulties of the industry, Wang Xiaosong said the Jingdong is fresh because of corporate responsibility: "Chinese in agriculture this section behind the developed countries for many years, as a Jingdong the business enterprise should use the Internet to Chinese agricultural products sell,)相关的主题文章: