Freeze 324th daytime fireworks-masa-c

324th fixed period: "day fireworks" Diao Yinan "day fireworks", 2014 frames 324th, at the end of this moment from the "fireworks", was for many years the Ripper case is solved, all the dust settles, Zhang Zili (Liao Fanshi) into the community hall, twisting the body in a "desire" in the song, crazy dance. Zhang Zili is a loser in life. He is a divorced policeman, looking for a murder case when the leading comrades killed. Many years later, he left the police force, but the murder case happened again. Zhang’s independent sense of smell, he kept up with the laundry clerk, widow Wu Zhizhen (Lunmei Kwai ornaments), but was attracted by her. Finally, Zhang Zili found that Wu Zhizhen is the murder murderer, after Wu Zhizhen had to spend the night, Zhang Zili informed the police to arrest Wu Zhizhen. This murder case is a self stone knot, wasted his life, it is the source of. The case was broken, he made a great effort, but this credit is sold and betrayed by Wu Zhizhen. And Wu Zhizhen, isn’t it? In order to protect her, betrayed her husband. So Zhang Zili dance in the ballroom without warning. He understood that his "detection" means is by no means justice. He finally indulged himself, no longer adhere to what. This dance is a big plus for daytime fireworks. This film won the Golden Bear award at the Berlin film festival.相关的主题文章: