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Forgotten anti-cancer food, you remember a few? – Food Channel – People’s original title: forgotten anti-cancer food, you remember a few? There are 8 vegetables, has anti-cancer effect, but has gradually been forgotten and they can play anti-cancer effects, which are the eight kinds of vegetables do you know? (1): "frost eggplant eggplant" is good medicine of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions and many folk prescription, often use "autumn old eggplant, eggplant frost". More and more evidence that eggplant has anti-cancer function. There was a test of a non-toxic substance extracted from eggplant, for the treatment of gastric cancer, cervical cancer, etc.. In addition, eggplant contains solanine, cucurbitacin, stachydrine, choline, shisonin, nasunin and other alkaloids substances, which solanine, cucurbitacin has been shown to have anticancer ability, nightshade, eggplant, eggplant, tomato root pedicle is a good medicine, there is the ancient root tumor treatment records of Kandelia candel. Eggplant is also rich in nutrients, in addition to vitamin A, C on the low side, other vitamins and minerals almost almost the same with tomatoes, and protein and calcium is even higher than 3 times the tomato. Bitter melon: (2) Li Shizhen called it "a bitter melon" in the folk treatment of polarization seriously, and many people are "good" this one, there are people on it at a distance. But really give it a good identity is the Ming Dynasty Great medical scientist Li Shizhen, he called it a first-class melon, is a rare anti-cancer melon. More proof of Western medicine, bitter anti-cancer quinine comes from a type of protein, it is a kind of active protein can activate immune cells, "setter" by immune cells, cancer cells or other abnormal cells. Bitter melon seed contains a protease inhibitor, can inhibit the secretion of proteases in tumor cells, thereby inhibiting the invasion and metastasis of cancer cells. (3) kelp: breast cancer and thyroid cancer kelp Chinese medicine name "kelp" prevention, prevention of breast cancer and thyroid cancer. Kelp is rich in iodine, can prevent "big neck disease in Chinese has in fact, kelp and other even woman and children all know, many" skills ", it contains sodium alginate with carcinogenic effects of strontium, cadmium has a strong binding capacity, and expel them; kelp selectively kill or inhibit intestinal can produce carcinogens the fiber can contain bacteria, promote discharge of bile acid and cholesterol; kelp extracts have a direct inhibitory effect on various cancer cells. (4): sweet potato was gradually forgotten anti-cancer Jiapin winter when holding small fragrant roast sweet warm days are out of hand with many young people’s memory, past street sell KaoGongShu stalls now almost untraceable, along with the improvement of economic conditions, a survey shows that urban residents in China many people no longer eat sweet potato. Sweet potato: sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato alias, is considered to be a great food, slimming health illnesses. In fact, the sweet potato also has a powerful anti-cancer function. Recently researchers found a dehydroepiandrosterone substance in sweet potato, it can prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer and breast cancer. (5) pumpkin: known as "God melon"相关的主题文章: