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Foreign Ministry: British   should be cautious; stop interfering in the affairs of Hongkong – Liaoning channel — original title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Britain should be cautious stop interfering in Hongkong affairs Beijing in October 13, according to the Ministry of foreign affairs website news, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang today presided over the press Conference for example. The reporter will answer record as follows: Q: it is reported that recently, the government of Columbia and the elder brother of the two rebels "National Liberation Army" announced in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, the two sides will start peace talks in the Ecuador capital of Quito in 27 days. What is China’s comment on this? A: the government of Columbia and the National Liberation Army announced that it is about to start peace talks, is a new important progress in the Columbia peace process. China will continue to firmly support the peace process in Columbia, hope that all parties concerned to comply with the tide, promote the realization of a comprehensive peace as soon as possible. Meanwhile, China expressed appreciation for the efforts of Venezuela, Ecuador and other countries to start the peace talks. Q: yesterday, the Japanese government made a protest against China’s unilateral development of oil and gas fields in the East China sea. After the Japanese and Chinese leaders met in September, the two governments are negotiating on the joint development of oil and gas fields to restart negotiations, but China is still a unilateral development, the Japanese side is very sorry. What is China’s comment on this? A: China’s oil and gas activities are conducted in the disputed waters of the Chinese jurisdiction, entirely within the scope of China’s sovereignty and jurisdiction. Q: the British government has just released its latest report on the Hongkong issue for half a year. What is China’s comment? Answer: the British government issued the first half report of Hongkong, the Hongkong affairs judgment, China is firmly opposed. Some of the contents of the report on the Chinese side for groundless accusations, we do not accept this. Since the reunification of Hongkong, the practice of "one country, two systems" has been universally recognized. China the central government to fully implement the "one country two systems", "Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy, in strict accordance with the Constitution and the basic law, the full support of the chief executive and the SAR government administration according to law, to maintain Hongkong’s prosperity and stability, Hongkong residents have enjoyed full rights and freedom according to law. The Chinese government’s confidence and determination to implement the "one country, two systems". I would like to stress once again that Hongkong is a special administrative region of China, and that the Hongkong affairs belong to the internal affairs of china. We require the cautious, stop meddling in Hongkong affairs. Q: the foreign ministry yesterday released the Philippines President Duthel Te’s visit to China news, also introduces the expectations for the visit. As we all know, President Duthel Te of Philippines has attached great importance to the development of the economy and launched the "10 point social and economic agenda". China to promote economic and trade cooperation between China and the Philippines what specific ideas? Would you like to help Philippines build new infrastructure, especially railways? A: China and the Philippines in the vicinity of the earth, human dating, economic complementarity, economic and trade cooperation has unique advantages, huge growth potential. To promote bilateral relations and mutually beneficial cooperation is in the common interests of both countries and peoples. China supports the Chinese side相关的主题文章: