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Foreign media said Chinese will build a third aircraft carrier has a significant change (Figure) – Sohu military channel page first: foreign media said China will build a third aircraft carrier [Abstract] foreign media reports, a photo appeared on the network China display, located in Hubei Wuhan land-based aircraft model is rebuilt, or this can reflect the changes between the Chinese’s first aircraft carrier made of type 001A and is called the 002 type of an aircraft carrier. Most notably, ski jump take-off parts have been removed from the aircraft carrier model, which exacerbated the outside world will be equipped with a catapult for China third aircraft carrier conjecture. Netizen recently captured a suspected domestic carrier ship island building pictures in the vicinity of Wuhan, the figure shows the architecture and the Liaoning aircraft and similar aircraft carrier ship had China land island, but there are a lot of difference. Pictured users in the vicinity of Wuhan to take pictures of suspected aircraft carrier island building, the picture shows the construction of the aircraft carrier Liaoning and the Chinese mainland carrier ship island has similarities. Reference News Network reported on August 26th: foreign media said the Dalian shipyard the latest satellite images provided by the Airbus group defense and space division ", visible called 001A type aircraft carrier aircraft has been the first domestic clear appearance. "Jane’s Defence Weekly" pointed out that the aircraft carrier construction work has come to an end. Cao Weidong, a mainland military expert, predicts that the aircraft carrier will be launched by the end of this year and will be able to deliver it in 2018 or 2019. Taiwan, China Electronics News website reported that the domestic aircraft carrier from the start of construction into the water with just two years time, the ship speed in the history of the world’s aircraft carrier is amazing. Deutsche Welle website quoted the Austria August 23rd "news" article "Chinese by the carrier to enhance the strength", so far, only a few people Chinese army won the aircraft carrier landing qualifications. The article points out that although the 001A carrier is the construction of the "Liaoning" may be active imitation, but the important thing is that the new carrier is completely built in China domestic China, which is promoting its naval fleet planning. The article said that compared is the construction of "001A", "Liaoning" active combat ability is limited, it may never be only a ship for training aircraft carrier. "Although the" Liaoning "theory at least can carry 36 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters (including 24 fighters -15 fighter ‘flying shark"), but, as of 2014, Chinese only 5 pilots received the aircraft carrier landing qualifications; even today, the qualified pilots are not too much. This has occurred in the course of training and fatal accidents, in July this year, the Chinese military has also confirmed this point for the first time." Extended reading: Chinese the first domestic aircraft carrier flight deck installed at the end of the year launched the first domestic aircraft carrier hull exposed body according to a ski ramp has been installed (Figure) page second: third aircraft carrier has a significant change compared to foreign media reports, is the construction of "001A", "Liaoning" active combat ability is limited, always only is a ship used for training aircraft carrier. "Although the ‘Liaoning’ theory can be equipped with at least 36 fixed.相关的主题文章: