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Foreign media comment: "first lady" elegantly restored little-known history – Natalie Portman’s Sohu entertainment "first lady" Jacqueline Kennedy Natalie appeared in Venice, beautiful and elegant [click] (HD photo source "Daily" screen compiled first director Pablo Lalanne) Chile – the "first lady" is a a biography, as it is to restore the true history and character of prose, it is elegant, sharp will be a legend made a deal of humanity, but also embodies the hero of his legendary status in the clear cognition. Jacqueline – Kennedy played Natalie Portman successful interpretation of the career so far the most challenging role of sex — Interpretation of the former first lady in the mentality of the husband was assassinated in 1963 for the first time. In recent years, took two other semi documentary film "Neruda" and "chase" Lalanne said Chile, the lens of American history background, delicate, and highly stylized to restore a little-known past. Noah Oppenheim ("labyrinth", "mobile" differences) play by a "fuse": shortly after the assassination of Kennedy, Jackie (Jacqueline nickname is the English title) in Massachusetts home by a veteran reporter (Billy Crewe Depp) interview the latter, want to know her in the eyes of the assassination of the truth. Cool and calm, tolerate the grief of Jackie took control of the conversation, clearly show a first lady for power and media understanding. In the next scene, back in 1961, was also slightly tender Jackie made a tour of the White House a TV program, in order to let the president’s residence is more amiable and easy of approach she just here will be, has been re decorated. The director is a subtle reduction on the TV program ("no" in Chile said he had showed a reduction of the picture of old TV shows, art) Jackie here once you show a good image of public relations and as an understanding wife and loving mother. A little bit of irony, however, her voice sounds a bit like Monroe This time the other plot line disrupted described include: film a few moments before and after the assassination of Kennedy (Portman wearing the iconic pink suit dosing box cap debut), Arlington Kennedy’s funeral and buried the ceremony, Jackie and a priest (John hurt) to discuss his life, the significance of marriage well, the new President Lyndon Johnson after he took office, her last day at the white house. Johnson Kennedy was assassinated in the first time to trigger the most disturbing plot: one was picked to first lady Jackie, has become a focus of a widow, she helped set up the Empire of loneliness, fragile outsider. Other main characters include a film Kennedy, Jackie’s secretary and close friend Nancy Tuckerman (Greta Gerwig ornaments), and her husband’s brother, the Minister of justice Bobby Kennedy. Peter Sarsgaard played the character of fear of losing power, family politics program interruption worries. Portman’s performance in strong field, and full level, in 196.相关的主题文章: