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Foreign media: China is building more armed coast guard ship is equipped with 76 mm gun picture: in the new warning point is from the marine police ship dock training. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Fei Photo Reference News Network November 3 foreign media reported that the recent photo of Guangzhou shipyard in Whampoa , Chinese is building a number of maritime police ship will be equipped with 76 mm gun. According to the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" website reported on November 1st, "Jane’s Defence Weekly" website reported the construction of these ships in June 2016, its design is based on II Jiangkai displacement of 3500 tons of "" (054A type) frigates. China police first type 818 patrol ship is equipped with a 76 mm PJ-26 gun, and the assembly work seems to have been completed, that may soon launch. Reported that the police Chinese second patrol ship is a shipyard in Whampoa  for assembly, another ship is the level of the Wuchang shipyard shuangliuta base construction. The coast guard ship to China 718B shot in the Whampoa  shipyard, also equipped with a 76 mm gun. China network media reported that the ship has recently officially launch, is expected in the near future will be officially installed. Whampoa  shipyard will build two the coast guard ship, Wuchang shipyard, the fourth ship of the class is also located in Wuhan was built. 718B type ship captain estimate is 100 meters, 16.5 meters wide, a displacement of nearly 2000 tons. Reported that these ships were not the first Chinese police boat weaponry but they will greatly increase the number of fire and China maritime police ship. In July 2015, "Jane’s Defence Weekly" reported that three had served in the Navy Chinese Jiangwei class frigate 1 (053H2G) has been turned into a coast guard ship use, but these two ships 100 mm main gun was removed. Nevertheless, they retain 4 pairs of double – mounted 76A caliber 37 mm anti-aircraft gun. Reported that there are at least three other Chinese coast guard ship shipyard in Whampoa  is built, in which the ship and ships a similar, especially a displacement of 1500 tons of river island class type 056 frigate. These ships are equipped with 30 mm guns.相关的主题文章: