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Forecast period: lottery 3D16264 hot code to actively take the heat – Sohu 2016263rd lottery lottery 3D number is 489, and the value of 21 points, the size and shape of small greatly, I even odd parity form, span value of 5. 3D forecast number 2016264 period the new quasi: cold number: round pieces of cold roll out 1 yards, the fall in the hundred, the disk from the current perspective, the latest period mainly optimistic about the cold, cool. Heat number: 2016263 out of the heat number, the specific value of 9, with a period of time for each phase of the statistics to open the number of 10, the next phase of the 264 focus on the heat prize. Warm number: a period on the temperature of No. 1, from nearly 10 the number of frequency, the next value temperature state number low-key. The ten difference: the former out of ten difference 1, more than ten difference in nearly a week in the lottery is blocked not out, the next period value Miss ten difference of the five period within the falling number. Ten bits: 2016263 phase and the value of ten, the recent trend of the overall trend of the ten bit and weak, estimated the value of the 264 phase of the ten and the trend of decline in the value of the 17.相关的主题文章: