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Five method of milk is not difficult – the mother and father of the mother of lactation mechanism, and prolactin related. When the baby sucks the breast, the mother’s body sends a message to the brain, causing it to produce prolactin, which creates and secretes more milk. In other words, when the baby sucking breast can be made much more milk, if smoking less, making fewer breast milk. Therefore, if the baby sucking stop completely, will not stimulate prolactin, breast will naturally stop producing milk. Zeng Yu heart nurse added, no milk sucking, breast secretion will decrease, and the remaining gland cells in breast milk will generate pressure, thereby inhibiting the secretion of milk. Method 1: if it is forced to withdraw the stillbirth milk hormone drugs, hospital will be actively involved in the observation, because women because of hormone secretion and expansion of milk, so doctors may prescribe high doses of estrogen drugs within twenty-four hours (now commonly used for Dostinex-Cabergoline cabergoline, is malt derivatives, commonly used dose of about 2 stars), to help women, suppression of lactation hormone; although not immediately return the milk, but the general effect is good. Methods: 2 dropped out of milk can start from the diet, 1 rushing water eat: because human milk as main component of water, reduce water and normal drinking water content in food, can help. 2, do not eat food such as milk, bean soup, black sesame paste, longan Chinese wolfberry tea, black wort etc. should be avoided. Others such as high protein food intake should be reduced, such as peanut stewed pig etc.. 3, traditional Chinese medicine recipe: according to TCM argument, fried malt back milk Xiaozhang effect, leek can also help. It is recommended to back milk mother while confinement eat leek cuisine, such as leek juice or leek fried pork livers. Method: 3 ice? Avoid breast fomentation fomentation will promote blood circulation, and then make the milk block block in the breast to resolve, but to accelerate milk secretion. So, you want to return the mother milk, don’t compress is to breast, but ice way can effectively reduce the swelling of milk. In the ice, should pay attention to the temperature of ice, as long as they can accept the cold, you can rest assured that ice; in addition, also can use chilled Korea leaves coated breast, reached a result; or buy clothes back loaded with breast milk type ice bag, in support of the breast at the same time, ice, reduce breast discomfort. Method 4: to reduce the stimulation of the breast 1, stop massage: stop pressing, breast care and milk and other related actions to reduce the stimulation caused by breast milk. 2, support of the mother can wear tight underwear: but with support of the bra, breast give appropriate support; such as underwear does not fit, or not wearing underwear and wear loose fitting clothes, will increase the chance of nipple stimulation and friction, and thus induce milk ejection reflex. Method 5: gradual stop breastfeeding when the mother decided to retire after the milk, can gradually reduce the number of lactation, followed by sequential decreasing, reduce irritation, let prolactin and oxytocin secretion was inhibited, will contribute to the withdrawal of milk. Such as milk back three days before the start of execution, every day to feed 1 ~.相关的主题文章: