First line husband and wife annual salary of up to 200 million after the explosion of the net profit-pigeon blood

The first star couple annual salary of up to 200 million over the net profit – 8 film companies financial Sohu at the end of August, SARFT party on the Commission website issued a rectification patrol briefing, and put forward resolutely curb the "super" star paycheck and show off problem. All along, the film company is looking at the star, the high price paid "crush", film companies make money difficult. Insiders pointed out that a couple of first-line star, the annual income is usually more than 200 million yuan. Statistics show that the first half of 2016, net profit of 14 television companies (after deduction of non) a total of about 2 billion 500 million yuan, the net profit of nearly 60% film companies less than 100 million yuan, the ability to earn far less than its star couple. The first half of the company’s total revenue of 81 billion 839 million yuan cultural data, according to the SWS secondary industry classification, the first half of 2016, 41 culture media listed company achieved total revenue of 81 billion 839 million yuan, an increase of 16.05%; net profit of 10 billion 199 million yuan, an increase of 6.01%; it is worth mentioning that, after deducting non recurring gains and losses. Net profit of 41 culture media listed companies is only 8 billion 677 million yuan. From the net profit (after deduction of non ranking), culture media listed companies, the net profit of the top 10 companies are: South Africa media (601098), Wanda Cinema (002739), Oriental Pearl (600637), Phoenix media (601928), Chinese media (600373), Jiangsu (600959), cable Anhui new media (601801), light media (300251), the media (600757), Gehuayouxian (600037). However, careful attention is not difficult to find, in the culture media of TOP10, most of the print media companies, film and television to the main business of the company, only Wanda cinema and light media. "Since the film company is shiny, actually it is difficult to make money." A brokerage analyst to accept the Securities Daily reporters, said that compared with the United States Hollywood, China’s film and television industry started late for nearly a century. Start with the international standards, in some aspects will cause The climate does not suit one. For example, we are at the box office than the United States, but the u.s.. In February this year, the "Securities Daily" published "listed companies gamble domestic TV industry said:" working for the stars. At that time, kylin pictures President Pang Hong told the "Securities Daily" interview with reporters said, "star price is too high, the whole group of people in almost all of the actors to work, but not without a star. Have to admit that, compared to the word of mouth, the audience is more recognized star." Nearly 60% film and television listed companies net profit less than its star couple in fact, from the financial data level, can see the embarrassment of film and television companies. According to the data of SW tertiary industry classification, the first half of 2016, 14 film and television animation companies achieved total revenue of 17 billion 880 million yuan, an increase of 42.67%; net profit of 3 billion 180 million.相关的主题文章: