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Through the acquisition of FB to improve their ability of BI quickly build and design of hardware Chinese station reported in September 20th Facebook has purchased small start-ups Nascent Objects, in order to improve the company’s ability to quickly build and design of hardware. Nascent Objects is located in the San Francisco Bay area, with "standard components of electronic devices, the platform platform capable of rapid production of electronic products using 3D printing methods such as. In fact, this platform is a software program that can accelerate the speed of the production of electronic products, including 3D printing hardware, etc.. After the acquisition, Nascent Objects team will join Facebook secret hardware lab Building 8, but the two sides did not disclose the specific price of the transaction. But both sides announced the deal on Monday, the technology blog Recode first reported the news. Facebook Building 8 by former Google (micro-blog) senior technical team leader Ruijina · Dugan (Regina Dugan) leadership. Earlier this year, Mark · (Mark Zuckerberg) dug up Gan Gan, responsible for Facebook’s hardware business. When talking about the acquisition of Nascent Objects this transaction, Dugan Monday through their Facebook page, said, "through this transaction, we hope to be able to quickly build a good hardware processing software like." In recent months, Facebook has been in the Dugan "the U.S. Defense Advanced Design Research Group (DARPA) style" Building 8 top secret team recruiting, at the same time also openly test the company’s "Eagle (Aquila)" solar UAV like hardware projects. Facebook hopes that the UAV can provide free internet access services to Africa in sub Saharan africa. The following is the Nascent Objects CEO El Meher (Baback · babek; Elmieh) the company was acquired by Facebook blog on matters released: Nascent Objects created the tenet is that the production is not too difficult. This is why we set up the world’s first standard component consumer electronics platform to allow product development fast, easy and can be achieved. Through the integration of hardware design, security, 3D printing and standard components of electronic products, our technology allows developers to complete the process from concept to product within a few weeks, and compared with the traditional method of faster, lower cost. In addition, this is why we decided to continue to achieve our goals in the Facebook and Building 8 team. We are happy to build products that can open up the world to all of us, and to open an unimaginable scale. People already相关的主题文章: