FAW dream fund dedicated to poverty alleviation vidalia

FAW Dream Fund committed precise poverty in Hebei province in Fuping County, since the "87" national poverty alleviation is a national poverty counties, the county rural poverty population accounted for 50.67% of the population, the poor children out of school because of poor, because of poverty situation is more prominent. "Poverty first Fu Chi, first anti-poverty and ignorance," development of occupation education is an important measure to block the intergenerational transmission of poverty. In 2013, in accordance with the requirements of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, in the coordination of the national authority under the support of the United Chinese FAW 4 car companies, in order to promote the employment oriented, to build cooperation platform, and Fuping Fuping co founded Vocational Education Center mengxiang automotive training base, the establishment of "9+2" occupation education cooperation area to help poor students, and proficiency in a particular line achieve stable employment, promote family poverty. The education carrying 230 thousand Fuping people hope, cooperation in vocational education as an important path of poverty, poverty is the most important and the breakthrough point. The FAW Group Chinese positive response, in May 2013 the establishment of FAW Fuping training base, and put into use in September of that year, a total investment of 7 million 500 thousand yuan, improve professional training conditions, provide a solid foundation for the Fuping and the surrounding areas of poor people to achieve stable employment, promote family poverty. "FAW Dream Fund" – lit up the dream to help the dream grow. "FAW Dream Fund" project contract award winning student scholarship grants teachers receive outdoor cold, warm indoor. In November 2nd, the "FAW Dream Fund" project signing cum 2016 scholarship grants awards ceremony education center held in Fuping County Office, Chinese FAW Group raised 1 million 500 thousand yuan to set up the dream foundation in the school. According to the "FAW Dream Fund" incentives, "FAW" class of 20 students received a scholarship of 1000 yuan, 30 students won the two prize of 800 yuan, 54 students received three scholarships to 600 yuan, 25 of the teachers teaching award gold 3000 yuan. As one of the alumni students Chen Meng students said: "China FAW Group for students not only excellent in character and learning, reflects the enterprise of occupation education is of great selfless love, encouraging all students to learn in the future! Since the FAW Group set up excellent student scholarship, the students’ enthusiasm for learning is getting higher and higher, the class atmosphere is getting better and better. We will redouble our efforts to become a useful talent for society, return to society and enterprises". This is the most wanted to see the results of China FAW to carry out the work. Selfless help, help students to cultivate a group have proficiency in a particular line of professional talents for the country, the impoverished county out of poverty as soon as possible!相关的主题文章: