Fan Bingbing knelt in front of him Wang Yuan my heart is trembling grand track

Fan Bingbing knelt in front of him   Wang Yuan: my heart is trembling     grand track Trailer; grand track download sources – Jiangxi Channel – original title: Fan Bingbing knelt in front of Wang Yuan he: my heart is trembling grand track Trailer grand track source download 00 after a small meat Wang source is the youngest of the crew. As a child of silver soul possessed priest fled, but he entered the group on the first day by director Guo Jingming gave a big surprise — a Fan Bingbing kneeling in front of him play. Guo Jingming recalled the first day of the king Yuanjin group scene scene, he told Wang Yuan that this scene, Wang Yuan also thought it was a joke, "said the director don’t do it," Guo Jingming explained the plot that is set. And so Wang Yuan went through a shock: "I’m trembling inside, really.". Because of the time I go to, first of all do not say to sister Bing Bing kneeling in front of me, to see all of the predecessors, so powerful predecessors, my brother and sister, I was very nervous the first time such a heavy play, very nervous." Fan Bingbing quipped that "he was not nervous, don’t be fooled by his appearance, she praised Wang source actually has accumulated a lot of experience in the field of performance, performance is very calm, to explain his role. The performance of Wang Yuan let Guo Jingming very satisfied with the film when Wang Yuancai was 14 years old, and to play a live hundreds of years "old soul", so the appearance is a friend, but the voice and expression and the vicissitudes of life, "it’s all feeling", Guo Jingming is now the field like Wang source performances made him feel amazing. (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan) 范冰冰跪他跟前 王源:我内心是颤抖的 爵迹预告 爵迹片源下载–江西频道–人民网 原标题:范冰冰跪他跟前 王源:我内心是颤抖的 爵迹预告 爵迹片源下载 00后小鲜肉王源是剧组中年龄最小的,饰演白银祭司灵魂出逃后附身的一个小孩,但他进组第一天就被导演郭敬明送了个大惊喜――演一场范冰冰跪在他面前的戏。郭敬明现场回忆王源进组第一天的场景,他跟王源说有这场戏,王源还以为是玩笑,说“导演不要闹了”,郭敬明解释说剧情就是这样设定的。王源就这样经历了一次shock:“我内心在颤抖,真的。因为当时我去,首先不说要冰冰姐跪在我面前,看到所有的前辈,那么厉害的前辈,哥哥姐姐,我很紧张,第一次这么重的戏,就很紧张。” 范冰冰则调侃说“他才不紧张,不要被他的外表骗了”,她称赞王源其实已经积累了很多表演经验,在现场的表现很镇定,去诠释他的角色。王源的表现让郭敬明也很满意,拍摄时王源才14岁,而要饰演的是一个活了上百上千年的“老灵魂”,所以外表是一个小朋友,但是声音和表情又要有沧桑感,“很看破一切的感觉”,郭敬明现场力赞王源的表演让他感觉很惊艳。 (责编:吴若、毛思远)相关的主题文章: